Hello Morsonians, Lewisians and Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. I’m assuming that most of you who are interested in this post will be Lewisians as this post is all about the dishy Laurence Fox, aka James Hathaway.

I managed to get these for a couple of pounds for the sole purpose of sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy the following articles though i’m sure that many will already be known to the multitude of Mr Fox’s fans.

Because of the size I have had to use to allow everyone to be able to read the articles some would not fit properly so are turned the wrong way. Because of this I have created a downloadable PDF. Click on ‘Fox Clippings (2)’ below. Of course having the PDF not only allows you to enlarge the clippings but to download and print them off.

Fox Clippings (2)




Author: Chris Sullivan

After having looked after my mum for some 11 years she is now unfortunately in a nursing home. I'm afraid her dementia worsened as did her physical capabilities. UPDATE: My mum died from Covid-19 on the 6th May 2020. So, for the first time in 21 years I find myself no longer caring for anyone. Apart from my mum I was also a single parent to two children and also looked after my dad who had Alzheimers, (he died in 2005). So, I have decided to return to University to try and get another degree this time in English Literature. (My other degree I got some 30 years ago is one in Ecological Science). After a year at college I have passed all grades and now will start Edinburgh University in September 2019. I am now in second year having passed all the requirements in first year.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely clips of Laurence Fox! I am indeed quite a fan of his, so really enjoyed all of the pics & the articles. Still lookin’ forward to a DI Hathaway series sometime in the not-too-far-away future!!

  2. I loved Hathaway’s character and obviously he is easy on the eye but some of these articles he comes over as a bit of a jerk – he does on twitter sometimes as well. The price of having a public profile on social media I guess. Thanks Chris for putting those together.

  3. Hi Laurence Fox fans. Spotted this and thought I would drop it here if you don’t mind, Chris…’s about his new album. If it doesn’t work for you, people can just go to

    “I am so happy to finally share my new music with you. Thank you for being so patient and for your continued support. I hope that this collection of songs gets you in a way that only music can.”

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