Learn your ABC with Inspector Morse

Hello Mateys and welcome to a new post. Have you ever had what you thought was a bright idea then halfway through that idea you realise that you underestimated the length of time it would take. Well, this post was one of those ideas. But I think it is worth it and hopefully you will all enjoy it.

I will in the near future also create a ‘learn your ABC’ using the Lewis and Endeavour series.

I hope this post finds you all well.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Cute. I love the character of Fred Thursday especially his expressions. I would love to see a compilation of his funny expressions. One I really like is “ The creakiest gate hangs the longest.”

  2. Wonderfully well done! Each letter brought back memories, and many brought smiles. But.. am I the only one who choked up at the sight of Robbie Lewis saying, “Goodbye, sir”?
    Thank you for this beautiful post.

  3. Busy with other things, I finally found time to sit down and read Colin´s novel The Way Through the Woods from 1992. And with my Parker pen ready, like Endeavour, I also made some notes of interest, hopefully for some of us. Your blog has become big Chris, and therefor some of this might be found on other pages, but here we go:
    Morse is afraid of flying, he has keen blue eyes and is only one year younger than Strange. I saw in your review of Last Seen Wearing that Morse has grey eyes. In this novel Morse drives a Jaguar. But since I haven´t read the novels in any chronological order I´m not sure what happened to his Lancia and why he now has a Jag.
    Anyway, Laura Hobson is short and wears big glasses and doctor de Bryn´s full name is Maximilian Theodore Siegfried de Bryn. By the way, does anyone know more about where de Bryn is from? Is it from the greater Manchester area or is it a Dutch name?
    Strange is married and he and his wife have a dog, a King Charles spaniel. Morse is, as we know, different in the novels and here he smokes Dunhill International cigarettes and drinks beside beer and malt whisky also Quercy red wine.
    In this story a typewriter has defective type e and t. In the short story A Case of Identity by Conan Doyle (same initials as Colin Dexter) there is also a typewriter but with the defective type e and r. Sherlock Holmes also puts his hands together in front of his face, fingertips to fingertips like Morse sometimes does. Coincidences or not, I leave it there.
    The Blenheim forest is mentioned in this novel and we remember the Endeavour episode ‘Neverland’ 2:4 and the Blenheim Vale correctional facility for boys.
    I could tell you more but not without spoiling the actual story so here it stops, this is too long already. Colin was born in 1930 and his description of women can today appear outdated. But I enjoyed the reading, especially the interaction between Morse and Lewis, and with extra time to spare and a cup of coffee, or two, I finished the novel in two days.

  4. Thanks Bo. Having never read or even heard of the novels before I found Chris’ website, nice to compare books with the series. Just going by the different comments from people who have read the books I much prefer way the characters are portrayed in the series. I hope in the next and apparently final series, we find out how and when Morse gets that awesome Jag. I know he admired it at Bixby’s house in the episode Ride (a favorite one of mine) but then of course he couldn’t afford to buy one like that.

    1. Sorry Kathleen but Endeaour didn’t see the Jag at Bixby’s house. The only time we have seen it was in the pilot episode. It was in the forecourt of the garage.

      1. Sorry Chris. You are right. It was a red car and at quick glance I thought it was the jag. I not very adept at telling cars apart but I should have never mistaken that jag! 🤭

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