READ Radio Times Article on 50 Greatest British Crime Dramas. July 2018.

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. Radio Times for those that don’t know is a TV listing magazine. Enjoy the article.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. Thanks for sending this. I would have been incredulous if Inspector Morse didn’t win. Thaw’s Morse is incomparable. In America some of these shows are on Netflix or Amazon and I’ve watched a handful of them, not counting Endeavour and Lewis, of course, including Foyle’s War which came in at No. 2. Excellent. I’m forever searching for British series as they are the best so I’m keeping this list to see what I can see!

  2. Most I agree with although as I’ve gotten older I’ve become less and less of an Agatha Christie fan.

  3. Foyle’s War is my all time favorite mystery series. Although I you can’t really go wrong with Inspector Morse. But to be honest, my favorite of that group is Endeavor. I also thought Sherlock deserved to be in the top 10. Thanks for this New things to add to my watch list

  4. Inspector Morse is my all time favorite crime series. I’m so glad dear old Morse – my mother’s favourite character- was the winner.

  5. I’m disappointed that neither Lord Peter Wimsey TV series was’t mentioned, but stunned that people have forgotten the Granada TV series of Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett.

    1. Lord Peter Whimsey: the books of Dorothy Sayers are far better than any TVfilm could ever be…
      But – I also miss the Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett.

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