Q&A: Angela Griffin Answers Your Questions.

Firstly a huge thank you to Angela for taking the time to answers our questions. Secondly, thank you to everyone who sent in questions. Enjoy.

Hello Angela, thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions.

Q1 It has been stated that officer Lizzie Maddox was to have met a fatal end in the ‘Good & Evil’ episode of “Lewis.” However, your portrayal of Maddox was very well received and ‘lived’ to serve another season. When were you informed your character would remain on the show?

A1 I was informed in the make up truck by the one and only Kevin Whately around half way through the shoot.

Q2 Diversity in prime-time TV is a huge topic in my town [L.A.]. It is so obvious to fans of ‘Lewis’ that the series became much more diverse in casting significant characters after Maddox became a regular. Do you feel a sense of satisfaction in that your stellar interpretation of Maddox blazed the trail toward artistic cultural equality on Lewis [and other popular UK mystery series]? I sure hope so!

A2 To be honest I hadn’t realized that, but if it’s true, then that makes me very happy. Diverse representation on and off screen is hugely important to me.

Q3 Would you consider pursuing a spin-off of your own from Lewis.? Maybe a Hathaway and Maddox series. I think many of us would like to see this.

A3 I would have loved that,and I would have definitely been up for it. I loved working on the show, the writers, the crew, the cast had been together for such a long time it would have been incredible to continue. Unfortunately that option was never mooted.

Q4 Your career has taken you to a variety of production locations [most recently Canada] which you seem to embrace with optimism and good cheer. How does the Oxford Experience rate “on the road” you’ve traveled thus far?

A4 Oxford is such a stunning, historical and beautiful city and I feel very lucky to have gone behind doors that are usually preserved for students and staff.

Q5 Since ‘meeting’ you via “Lewis” my family & I are huge Angela Griffin fans. Can you share a few of your favorite photos from the “Lewis” shoot, either in front of or behind the camera. [Of course, the ITV publicity close-up of Maddox between Lewis & Hathaway, resplendent in their blue suits, in Radcliffe Square, is iconic!]

A5 No reply, sorry.

Q6 How are you enjoying working in Toronto on “The Detail”?

A6 Sadly The Detail wasn’t renewed for a second season and so my Toronto adventure is over, but whilst I was there it was incredible. I really fell in love with the city. My family had to stay in London so I missed them terribly but when they flew out we had lots of fun. Playing a cop with a gun was very different to playing Lizzie Maddox though!

Q7 Lizzie Maddox is one of the strongest female characters to have appeared in the Morse universe. Were you aware of this when you took on the role or any time after?

A7. I wasn’t aware of this. But again I’m glad that she brought something new to the show. She was a joy to play. Such a shame we didn’t do more.

Q8. Is it difficult as an actor to appear in a well-established show with well-established characters?

A8. There is a pressure that comes with appearing in a show like Lewis as it is so well loved, you don’t want to ruin that for the fans. But the cast were so welcoming they made the whole thing easy.

Q9 Did you have to audition for the part of Maddox? If not do you know who cast you in the role?

A9 I had to audition. I travelled to South London to the casting directors home and we had a meeting in the conservatory, very British!

Q10 Did the character Maddox help in any in getting the part of Detective Stevie Hallin in The Detail?

A10 I think Lewis is well loved globally so appearing in it meant that I had a profile in Canada.

Q11 Do you choose acting jobs that don’t impact too much on your family life? Have you turned down any roles that would have affected your family life?

A11 I am the breadwinner in my family so the only time I’ve turned down a job was when I had done two low paying theatre jobs and I was offered a third and I couldn’t afford to accept it.

Q12 I believe Lewis was your first acting role in a police drama other than Waking the Dead. Did you have to approach the role any differently from your previous roles?

A12 Not really, the same amount of research went into the role.

Q13 What was the biggest challenge about taking on the role of DI Maddox?

A13 The biggest challenge about taking on the role was stepping into an established show and getting the tone right for Lizzie, I didn’t want to look like I was in a different show to Laurence and Kevin.

Q14 What is your favourite thing to do between takes?

A14 I watched 4 seasons of Game of Thrones whilst filming, between takes I was very professional though.

Q15 Were you allowed to contribute ideas to help build the character of DI Maddox?

A15 Lizzie was fully drawn by the time I joined the project so I didn’t get any input really.

Q16 You were just 11 years old when the first Morse episode was broadcast in 1987 but did you ever watch any the episodes later in life before it finished in the year 2000 or have you caught any of the reruns?

A16 I haven’t caught any reruns but I used to watch Morse with my Mum, she’s a huge fan

Q17 Did you have the chance to meet Colin Dexter during the filming of Lewis?

A17 I did get to meet Colin whilst filming in Oxford but it was very short and sweet.

Q18 You’ve been interviewed so many times about your role in Lewis. What’s the one question you wished someone would have asked you, but never did?

A18 I can’t think of one, sorry

Q19 If the Lewis series had carried on or a Hathaway and Maddox series was commissioned, would there be any part of the character you would change? Or is there a characteristic you would add that you believe would have suited Maddox?

A19 I wanted Maddox to be a bit more maverick, she always followed the rules and it would have been fun for her to “colour outside of the lines”sometimes

Q20 Finishing on a light and frothy question. Is Laurence Fox as dishy as he appears to be on screen?

A20 Absolutely!!!

Thank you, Angela. All the best for the future.

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