Colin Dexter Mysterious Profile Interview 2007. (Gift From Memorial Service).

As promised here are the scans of one of the items I received as a gift after attending the Colin Dexter Memorial Service. This little book is one of a series of interviews carried out on behalf of the The Mysterious Bookshop in New York.

I have also created a link to my Google Drive where you will find a folder with all the scans inside. Download the folder and read at your leisure on your phone, tablet or PC.

Update (9th may 2018) Thanks to Gene Rhea Tucker, one of my wonderful website subscribers,  who went to the trouble of editing the scans below and creating a PDF file. Dexter



Sorry for the poor scan quality.

Click here to get the folder containing all the scans.


Take care.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Thanks for this treat Chris! And many thanks to Gene also; I had left the post aside, to read at a more convenient time, and the pdf was a nice surprise!

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