Q&A with Dakota Blue Richards (Shirley Trewlove)

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. I am rather excited as Dakota Blue Richards has agreed to take part in a questions and answers session for my website. The Q&A will be done via email. This means that I will send Dakota questions, email them to her and she will return the questions with answers.

So, if you would like to ask Dakota a question write to me via the ‘contact me’ page at the top of the website,

and once I have at least 20 questions (hopefully there will be more) I will send them to Dakota.

So, start thinking of those questions you have always wanted to ask Dakota, (and not let us all ask the same question of Dakota, will you marry me?).

Hope to hear from many of you soon.


Author: Chris Sullivan

After having looked after my mum for some 11 years she is now unfortunately in a nursing home. I'm afraid her dementia worsened as did her physical capabilities. UPDATE: My mum died from Covid-19 on the 6th May 2020. So, for the first time in 21 years I find myself no longer caring for anyone. Apart from my mum I was also a single parent to two children and also looked after my dad who had Alzheimers, (he died in 2005). So, I have decided to return to University to try and get another degree this time in English Literature. (My other degree I got some 30 years ago is one in Ecological Science). After a year at college I have passed all grades and now will start Edinburgh University in September 2019. I am now in second year having passed all the requirements in first year.

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  1. So now your interviewing casts members. Sounds like your blog has made the big leagues! Congratulations.

    Here are a few question ideas for Dakota Blue Richards:

    1.) What episode of Endeavour is your favorite? And why?

    2.) Endeavour hires a different director for every episode. Which one has been your favorite? And why?

    3.) What Shakespeare character would you most like to play? And why?

    4.) The American rock ‘n roll band Van Halen used to demand a bowl of M&Ms (Smarties) with all the brown ones removed before each show. It was a line item in their contract. Do you have any whacky requests in your ITV contract?

    5.) What is the most outrageous fan theory about the show that you are aware of?

    6.) And the big one! What does Win put in Thursday’s sandwich on Wednesday?

    Good luck with your interview. And I’ll be very interested to read her answers.

  2. Here’s another question. Did Russell Lewis provide you with a complete backstory for the Trewlove character or did you add more bits and bobs to it as time went on?

  3. Wow, really exciting that you got in touch with Dakota!
    As for the questions:
    How similar is Trewlove compared to you in real life?
    How was it working with Shaun Evans? What is he like in person?
    Most memorable episode? Why?

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