Scene From Fifth Series Episode, ICARUS. Endeavour & Trewlove.

Hello Endeavourists. Here is a short, sweet scene from the last episode of the fifth series, Icarus.

As you may have noticed I am in the middle of revamping my blog. I am also trying to create a forum where all fans of the Morse universe can meet. However, it is not quite finished yet as I am having a few technical problems.

Enjoy the clip.


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Thanks Chris! ‘….. a transfer to the yard..’ don’t let me stop you! Off you pop. ‘ lf l found someone…’ wrong conversation wrong girl! Welcome to the new will they won’t they…

  2. Trewlove and Endeavour- there’s a match! Forget Susan! And Joan not quite right for him!

    1. Really! Joan not quite right? Solution give her more time with him. Trewloves got more time in this clip than Joan has in the entire series. But did you notice Morse does a runner on her as well if only to the bathroom and she doesn’t get complemented on her nail varnish thereby giving Morse the vital clue to crack the case after 1minute 47 seconds

  3. I have already mentioned that I think series 6 will be trewlove and Morse – I have always thought that she was introduced for that very reason-this scene and the way they are pushing it just reinforces my prediction of a few days ago – of course a whole new “will they /won”t they” very disappointed that after 3 years they will do nothing with Joan. I cannot figure out why they brought the actress back for 6 episodes to do nothing with her -they could have easily left it and the end of series 4.

    The crime fighting UST duo has been done and done but is easy writing – again disappointed but shouldn’t be surprised that the writer will take that easy route. I also think she is too young for him – in a miniority I know.

    Another reason not to bother with series 6. My bet ? Fancy dies and the last scene is Morse comforting Trewlove at 3am when the “wolves are circling” and that is where we leave it for series 6.

    1. Or maybe she is leaving? She really has been under-utilised in this series and suddenly she and Morse are undercover in a situation that has lots of romantic possibilities- I remember that Jakes was featured a lot in his final episode. So either a set up for series 6 with Morse and Trewlove as the crime fighting duo (a la Strike Comoran and Robin) or swans song.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I can’t see a link to ITV Press Center where that video was posted originally.
    People on FB get confused. It’s a good thing to put credits and links, especially with this spoilers hysteria
    In addition, video on your site doesn’t work for some, and there is no back up )


  5. Dear Lena, You’re right! Center is the correct spelling in American English. Regretfully here we historically use the French spelling namely Centre. Accordingly it is therefore the ITV Press Centre!

    As a matter of interest do you prefer realized or realised? See Morse:- The Ghost in the Machine Season 3 episode 1. Again Regards!

    1. Dear Will!

      Well, I’m guilty to be an American. Also, as you could notice English is not my first and even second language. So I’m sorry to bother you with a wrong spelling. I’ll remember that for next time.
      Are non UK citizens allowed to watch Morse and leave comments here? I’m confused )
      PS. Thank you for the recommendation, but I’ve already seen all Morse episodes, do you have anything else in mind?

      1. Dear Lena

        Thank-you for your reply’ lt raises more than it answers. Apologies for seeming rude at the outset! What are your first and second languages?

        Of course anyone can watch! Do you prefer Morse or Endeavour? My next recommandation, would of course be Foyles War’

        Kind Regards.

  6. Hello from the U.S.! I love all the Morse, Lewis, and Endeavour series, and appreciate this blog. I like to learn the genius references and links. I’ve been wondering if Trewlove is a reference to Frank Thornton’s character in Last of the Summer Wine: Herbert Truelove. He called himself “Truly of the Yard”. Such a coincidence that Trewlove has put in for the Yard! What do you think?

    1. Thank you for your generous words. Interesting idea regarding Trewlove’s name. I will add this info to my next blog post about the episode Icarus.

  7. Great writing and acting by all. I do hope there is a series 6,7,8 …. Always look forward to this show. British mysteries and crime drama’s are the Best. Thank You to all who work on this show

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