Obituary. Kenneth Haigh Who Starred in Morse Episode ‘Fat Chance’ has died.

Kenneth Haigh who played Freddie Galt in the original Morse episode ‘Fat Chance’ (Series 5, Episode 2) has died aged 87. Kenneth had a long career in film and TV. He was a stalwart of British TV and thought of by his peers as a great character actor.

Below is a video of all his scenes from the Morse episode. Thank you Kenneth for a great performance in the episode and it was great to have you as part of the Morse universe.

As always I have uploaded the video to both Youtube and Dailymotion.

There are spoilers in the video.

Author: Chris Sullivan

With the death of my father a few years ago I have became my mum's full time carer. I am also in the process of writing a book on the TV series, Lewis.

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