Magazine Articles from the 1970s Onwards about John Thaw.

I have been trawling the internet for any articles from the distant past about John Thaw as Morse. A huge thank you to the original poster of the articles; Billy Farmer.

A TV Times ( a now defunct UK magazine) article about John Thaw from the April 13th – 19th 1985 issue of TV Times.

A TV Times listing from January 9th 1975.

As Inspector Jenner in the dramatically-titled REVENGE: When a Man Hates (filmed 19th – 26th November 1968)

A TV Times article about John Thaw from the October 2nd – 8th 1971 issue of TV Times.

TV premiere of “Inspector Morse” in USSR – September of 1990.

From Soviet TV & radio guide “Говорит и показывает Москва” (Govorit i pokazyvaet Moskva), 1990 # 39

Daily Mirror, March 15th 1980 – John Thaws Out.

A TV Times feature, from the July 5th – 11th 1980 issue of TV Times.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. These are just brilliant! I had forgotten how dashing John was in the Sweeney years (so different from his charming Morse)..Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for these! Amazing how even in his younger days, those eyes were so piercing and compelling!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I thought I’d spend a few minutes reminiscing and ended up spending the afternoon with John Thaw watching various videos and reading articles.

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