Dakota Blue Richards: The Best of WPC Shirley Trewlove.

Below is a video of all the best scenes involving WPC Shirley Trewlove. The video will contain spoilers especially as it includes scenes from series four.

Dakota Blue Richards has appeared in seven episodes.

WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Harvest (2017) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Lazaretto (2017) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Canticle (2017) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Game (2017) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Coda (2016) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Prey (2016) … WPC Shirley Trewlove
– Arcadia (2016) … WPC Shirley Trewlove

I hope you enjoy.

Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. Well done for going back to university Chris. I applaud you!
    Sincerest greetings from The Netherlands

    1. Thank you Ellen. It’s been tough with lockdown but here’s hopjng my third year that starts in september will be back to normal.

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