Endeavour Morse: Weekly News Round Up W/E 15th April 2017.


Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly post on activities in the Morse universe during the last week, (though there may be some other material not from that time period).

As always let us start with the Twittersphere.

Paul Cripps @PaulDJCripps ProductionDesigner:Endeavour.

Laurence Fox @LozzaFox

CID Hathaway @LF_Hathaway.  A fan account is dedicated to the work of @LozzaFox and Shaun Evans.

A miscellaneous group of photos I found on the Twittersphere that I personally had not seen before.

Roger Allam @All_Allam

Miscellaneous tweets I found regarding Roger Allam.

Miscellaneous tweets regarding Shaun Evans.

Miscellaneous tweets about Jack Laskey


Miscellaneous tweets on Kevin Whately.

Miscellaneous tweets regarding Clare Holman.

Well that is all for this week. Sorry there isn’t more but busy with other matters. I hope you are well and thank you for your continuing support.I am so overwhelmed by the fact that I have almost 500 subscribers. Thank you all. Lovexxx


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