Endeavour Morse: Weekly News Round Up W/E 8th April 2017.

Another week has flown by and here we are again with another weekly post on the world of Inspector Morse. I hope you are all well. So, let us begin as always with the world of Twitter even though it is a bit quiet at the moment.

Laurence Fox‏ @LozzaFox

Paul Cripps @PaulDJCripps ProductionDesigner :Endeavour

Roger Allam gifs


Laurence Fox gifs


Shaun Evans gifs


James Bradshaw gifs


Sean Rigby gifs


Kevin Whately gifs


Clare Holman gifs


John Thaw gifs


Crime Connections: Endeavour; A clip from ITV’s Crime Connections series in which various people- including actor Roger Allam- discuss Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour.  2013.

Sorry, but that is all there is for this week’s post. However, coming soon I will post part three of my video series on Max DeBryn. I also have a few other planned posts for this week so keep your eyes open for those. Take care.

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