Colin Dexter has died at the age of 86.

We all knew Colin had been unwell for sometime but his death will still be a shock to us all. There are going to be many words written and said about Colin over the next few days and I doubt I can add anything new.

However, I will try. How does one quantify the pleasure an author has given over more than 30 years? By the amount of joy his writing has brought to this blog reader? The number of times one has read all his novels, watched the TV programmes based on his creation, Endeavour Morse?

Pleasure in this context is not quantifiable. I think it is enough to write that his writing, his creation, have brought immeasurable pleasure to me over the past 30 years and his passing has saddened me to the core.

My tribute to Colin is to repost my videos on his appearances in the original Inspector Morse series.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Very sad news but he lived a long life and gave so much pleasure with his wonderful creation of Inspector Morse.

  2. Very difficult losing someone who’s given you so much. You’ve contributed much to his legacy already, and have much more to share. x

    1. I did exactly the same as Nan! I was so saddened by the news of Colin Dexter’s death: it was a comfort to know that he’d be mourned here, too.

  3. Chris,

    As you have so eloquently shared, it is impossible to describe the loss of any person we have loved, whether they are part of our family, friends, or our companions of the heart because we are their fans. It is just as significant because of what they each brought to our lives. Sometimes, those individuals who do not know us have had as profound an impact on us as those of our flesh and blood because of how their influence cause us to change our journeys in some manner, even if it was “only” to consider the beauties of classical music or classically educated detectives.

    He has blessed our lives and – from his obvious pleasure in meeting his fans – we were able to bless his. He was a treasure. Even though we expected this announcement, it is still painful to say goodbye. It never feels good to give others unhappy news,

    Thanks so much for your kindness and gentle sharing of his passing, Chris.

    1. All so true Sherri. I was a fan of David Bowie for over 40 years and a fan of Colin’s for over 30 years. I didn’t know them but my God they both played a BIG part in my life.

  4. Such a talented man; who had the ability to transport me into the world he created; such masterful writing, not afraid to embellish characters with flaws & traits that got me hooked from his first novel. Such a lasting legacy to leave to those who followed his writing & the TV series was & still is; outstanding; creating 3 stand alone series is surely testament to the skill of the writer in the first place. God speed; Colin & thank you for inviting me into a world where I hung on every word you wrote.

    1. KIm, you have hit the nail on the proverbial head regarding one of the reasons I enjoyed Colin’s books and the character of Morse; he wasn’t afraid to make the character Morse unlikeable at times but we still loved him all the same.

  5. Beautifully expressed. I remember hearing on the radio that John Thaw had died. I was standing in a beautiful seventeenth century house, preparing a banquet with the sunlight streaming through the window. They played the Morse theme tune and the tears flowed very freely indeed. It was a very personal sense of loss for a public figure. I felt that for Bowie too. Your tribute, in this website, is very significant.

  6. This was indeed a lovely tribute. It brought to my attention the fact that Mr. Dexter was very fortunate in that his creations were translated into other media and give a wider audience in a way few authors get to experience. Many live to regret the film or television versions of their characters and work..I enjoyed where you pointed out his expanding role in his appearances and that he seemed to be enjoying it. An era has passed but as with john Shaw, David Bowie and so many others we will always have heir work to console ourselves. RIP Coli Dexter and thank you very much. Thank you too Chris.

  7. You may already know this but Michael Barber writes in The Oldie: “When the banker Sir Jeremy Morse died last year, his obituaries mentioned that Colin Dexter, in a tribute to Sir Jeremy’s skill as a solver and setter of crosswords, had named Inspector Morse after him.”

    1. Hi Nan. Yes I did know that thanks. I think I mentioned it in one of my weekly posts after the death of Sir Jeremy Morse. He was also referenced in the first episode of the fourth series of Endeavour.

  8. Sorry, I must have missed the post (or forgotten?). I’ll have to check out the episode. Here’s a little puzzle for you. I just watched Down Among the Fearful, and in the credits it says the baby, Sarah, was played by Tallulah and Fifi Fox. No info on IMDB. It is hard for me to imagine that they aren’t connected to the Fox family somehow but I haven’t found anything on wikipedia. Perhaps Fox is a common name over there?

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