Matthew Slater: Endeavour Music Composer.

I recieved an email from film producer Angela Godfrey on the subject of a new project in which Matthew Slater has been confirmed to write the music. The project is a film titled, ‘Forget Me Not’.

Matthew Slater has written the music for five episodes of the Endeavour series,

Harvest (2017)
Lazaretto (2017)
Canticle (2017)
Game (2017)
Prey (2016)
The film, ‘Forget Me Not’ is in need of finance and for that reason the producers are attempting to get funding from members of the public through the Kickstarter funding website. Here is Angela’s email in full.

Matthew Slater who has recently gained much praise for his soundtrack on “Endeavour” Series Four for Mammoth Screen and ITV, is to score forthcoming “Forget Me Not” short film.

Slater, whose other soundtrack credits include BBC shows The Hairy Bikers’ Comfort Food and Kew’s Forgotten Queen, Channel 4’s Little British Isles with Alison Steadman, UKTV’s Inside The Ambulance and Alaska TV’s Channel 5 documentary Carry On Caravanning says,

“When I heard about Forget Me Not, I knew I had to be involved. With such a great pedigree of crew and a narrative that allows exploration of the themes of the story, both musically and emotively, I just couldn’t resist. Lucky, Angela and Nick both said yes!” – Matthew Slater – Composer

“It’s going to be hard to resist looking at the script, but I want to experience the film as the audience will experience it before I start the scoring process. That helps me form a score that will hopefully connect with both film and audience in the right way.” – Matthew Slater – Composer

Set in the present day, Forget Me Not is a live action drama with a nod to the supernatural and raises awareness of homelessness. Written and directed by Nick Goulden and produced by Angela Godfrey its main theme is of hope prevailing over despair and is set to shoot in Hammersmith, London, UK later this year.

“Telling a story that is both beautiful, fantastical and slightly supernatural is a composers dream.” – Matthew Slater – Composer

“Angela and I have worked with many of the same talented people over the years, but never had the opportunity to work together. I’m very much looking forward to working with Angela and Nick on Forget Me Not. After our initial phone call I felt an immediate connection, and already started to have musical ideas form in my mind. That’s always a good sign.” – Matthew Slater – Composer

Nick Goulden, writer and director explains Forget Me Not as “a fantastical tale, where a mysterious, lost little girl strikes up an unexpected friendship with a forlorn, homeless man, in the hope of bringing peace to her family in time for Christmas.”

“We are absolutely over the moon to have Matthew working with us on “Forget Me Not”! He is a truly gifted composer and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with.” – Angela Godfrey – Producer – Forget Me Not

“Matthews’s compositions get straight to your emotions and grab your attention. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with him.” – Nick Goulden – Director – Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the needed production budget of £16,500 to make the film. Every penny raised will be spent directly on the film. The production company Keen City, director Nick Goulden and producer Angela Godfrey are devoting their time and expertise completely for free. All other cast and crew will be paid, but are very generously devoting a lot, if not all of their prep time for free and working for pennies during the shoot to allow as much of the money raised to go directly to making Forget Me Not made to the highest standard and to allow it to be shown to the world at festivals and beyond.

See the full campaign here:


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