Endeavour Morse Universe: Weekly Round Up W/E 4th March 2017.

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Hello Endeavourists and welcome to my weekly news (and sometimes not so new) round up of all things in the Morse universe. Let’s get started.

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For those who didn’t notice I uploaded the BBC TV show Room 101 that had as a guest, Laurence Fox.

Laurence Fox on BBC1 show Room 101. 3rd March 2017.

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TV Diary (for those in the UK)

ITV3 Sunday 5th March. 2.35pm Inspector Morse: Masonic Mysteries.

ITV3 Monday 6th March. 12:55am Inspector Morse: Repeat of above.

ITV3 Monday 6th March. 10:45am Inspector Morse: Who Killed Harry Field?

ITV Encore: Repeat of the John Thaw drama The Glass from 2001.
The Glass: Episode 1
Monday 6th March on ITV Encore from 12:00pm to 1:05pm
Drama series set in the tough world of sales. Jim Proctor, expert salesman and managing director of a successful double glazing business, announces at a staff meeting that he plans to retire as MD and hand over the running of the company to his nephew. He also plans to marry his long-term girlfriend, but confusion over each of their motives leads to misunderstandings. With John Thaw, Sarah Lancashire, Joe McFadden, Paul Jesson, Philip Bird, Julia St John, Gawn Grainger and Emily Joyce.

It is repeated daily all week but not Saturday and Sunday. The sixth and final episode is on Monday 13th March.

ITV3 Tuesday 7th March Midnight Inspector Morse: Repeat of Who Killed Harry Field.

ITV3 Tuesday 7th March 10:45am Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts.

ITV3 Wednesday 8th March Midnight Inspector Morse: Promised Land.

ITV3 Wednesday 8th March 10:55am Inspector Morse: Dead on Time

ITV3 Wednesday 8th March 8pm Lewis: The Quality of Mercy.

ITV3 Thursday 9th March 10:50 Inspector Morse: Happy Families.

ITV3 Friday 10th March 10:50 Inspector Morse: Death of the Self.

ITV Encore 10th March 9pm Scott & Bailey. Series 3 Episode 3. Clare Holman (Dr. Laura Hobson) stars in this episode as Sarah Gallagher.

ITV3 Saturday 11th March 12:30am Inspector Morse: Promised Land.


Bid to save Barley Mow Auf Wiedersehen, Pet pub


Auf Wiedershen, Pet starred Kevin Whately.


Clare Holman stars in a new film Waiting for You which was shown at the Borderlines Film Festival yesterday the 3rd March 2017.

Borderlines Film Festival gives previews for audiences in Herefordshire, Shropshire and the Borders a chance to see great films before they go on general release. We are delighted to welcome Malvern Theatres into the festival fold and also draw your attention to a special weekend of films at Ludlow Assembly Rooms.

Waiting for You is a lyrical mystery drama, Charles Garrad’s spellbinding feature debut stars Northern Irish actor Colin Morgan (Merlin, Testament of Youth) and one of French cinema’s most celebrated performers, Fanny Ardant (The Woman Next Door). A coming-of-age story filmed on location in the south of France and urban England, it centres on a young man, Paul who – compelled by grief and curiosity – is keen to find out more about his late father’s life. Visiting the mysterious, melancholic Madeleine, a musician, in her magnificently crumbling, secluded manor house, she reveals some disturbing secrets about both his father’s past and his own.


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