Morse Universe: Weekly News Round-Up. W/E 14th Jan’ 2017.


Hello fellow Morsonians and Endeavorists and welcome to another edition of my weekly round up of all the news, information, trivia ect in the Morse universe we all love. Of course I sometimes cheat and include photos or trivia that isn’t up to date news but I like them and hope you will too.

So, let’s start as I usually do with Twitter and Instagram. First up is the Endeavour Twitter account run by Mammoth and ITV.







Laurence Fox on Twitter and Instagram.










Dakota Blue Richards on Twitter and Instagram.



Link to above mentioned interview:

Headline on online site Digital Spy;

“Dakota Blue Richards says “there’s been talk” of her appearing in the BBC’s new His Dark Materials series.”

Roger Allam on Twitter.




Below is the trailer for Roger Allam’s new film, ‘The Hippopotamus’.

Below is an article in today’s Daily Mail magazine;

Thanks to a friend for forwarding this to me.




Here is an interview with Roger Allam on the Graham Norton Show BBC Radio 2 today the 14th January 2017.

Damian Michael Barcroft exclusive interview with Russell Lewis, writer of the Endeavour series.

Exclusive ENDEAVOUR interview with writer Russell Lewis

Of course the biggest news of the week is the brand new series of Endeavour that started on Sunday the 8th. Click ‘here‘ to read my review plus locations, music, art, facts, references and trivia found in the episode. Of course there are SPOILERS.

Next up is borrowed from Julia Atkinson who posted it on Facebook.


If you love your crime series then you will love the excellent blog run by Hannah Long;

Hannah also runs a second account more focused on detectives at Tumblr (where do you find the time Hannah?)

From Jo’s interesting and informative Twitter account @shaunevansonly.




Well folks that is all for this post. My next post will be an overview of the next Endeavour episode and like my previous overview it will include, locations, references, music, trivia etc etc. I hope you like the small change to my blog; i.e. the pictures I have placed on either side of the blog pages. Until my next post thank you all for your support and than you to all those who have decided to follow on my blog, 370 followers so far. I am hoping to get to 400 by the middle of the year. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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