Morse Universe: Weekly News Round-Up.


Yes, it is that time of the week again. I hope everyone is well and the week has been kind to you. So, with beer in hand let’s get started.

Laurence Fox on Twitter and Instagram.




Headline from the Daily Mail online, “A date to forget? Billie Piper removes ‘vulgar’ wedding tattoo dedicated to ex Laurence Fox.” For the full story click here.

The following photos are from the photostream of Emma on Flickr.




To see all of Emma’s photos click here.

The following photo is from the Flickr account of RobinLDN. Laurence Fox live at the Borderline, London.




All rights reserved Robin Pope. To see the rest of Robin’s photos click here.

Rebecca Front in the British sitcom, ‘Outnumbered’.

Angela Griffin on Twitter and Instagram.




Headline form Sun newspaper online, “‘I HATED TURNING 40’ Angela Griffin says it was a struggle to leave her 30s behind…especially for work reasons”. For the full story click here.

Dakota Blue Richards dressed for Halloween.



The London Review  Bookshop being turned into what looks like a massage parlour for filming of the fourth Endeavour series.



Speaking of the fourth Endeavour series I noticed that the cast and crew information is on IMDB.

Director: Ashley Pearce



Notes of interest regrading the above is, Ty Hurley played a van driver in the Lewis episode, ‘One for Sorrow’. However it doesn’t appear to be a full cast listing as James Laurenson  who appeared in the very first Inspector Morse episode, The Dead of Jericho, as Tony Richards in 1987 will play Professor Amory in the first episode of the new series. I’m assuming he will be the father of Patricia Amory.

That is all for this week. Sorry it it is a short post but having been laid up with cold at the beginning of the week I have many things to catch up on. My next post will be, all things being equal, the art, music and literary references of ‘Ghost in the Machine‘. Take care.


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