Oxford Holiday Video No’1. The Trout Inn, Oxford.


Well, that is me back from my holiday in Oxford and of course 6 days was not enough. The weather was good most of the time but it would have taken a lot more than rain to have dampened my spirits.

I have various pictures and films to show and here is my first effort. I hope you enjoy.

Author: Chris Sullivan

With the death of my father a few years ago I have became my mum's full time carer. I am also in the process of writing a book on the TV series, Lewis.

6 thoughts

  1. Love it! And love that the clip with Morse and Redpath includes our beloved Colin Dexter!!!

    Thanks Christopher!!!

  2. I still have two b/w postcards I bought there, back oh…25 years or so.!!! No Morse tours then, we just looked for what we had seen on tv.!! The bridge wasnt surpassable then, either….

  3. It is much bigger and holds more people than I thought from watching the shows. Thanks so much for the tour. It was perfectly wonderful.

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