‘The Forge’ Pub in Morse episode, ‘Who Killed Harry Field?’ Identified.


I wrote two posts on the pubs and their locations used in the original Morse Series sometime last year and as many of you will know there were a few of those pub locations I couldn’t find. But thanks to a new reader of my blog one of those pubs has been found.

In my post (click here to open that post in a new window) I wrote the following;

“Again, I spent a lot of time trying to find this pub but with no luck. It is a Morrells pub but they went out of business some time ago selling their pubs and business to another brewery. I believe it was called The Forge. If you look at the pic below you can see the bottom of the pub sign which shows an anvil and some tools. I searched for pubs called the Anvil and The Anvil and the Hammer and all permutations of anything associated with anvils and Blacksmiths. I then decided on The Forge as I believe one can see the bottom half of the letters that spell ‘Forge’. But found nothing I’m afraid. It is such a distinctive building I felt sure I would find it but unfortunately not.”


Here also is the two scenes that show the pub.

But, now thanks to the eagle eyes and some great detective work a reader of my blog, Gregg Gallatin,  has discovered the location of the pub; it is in Hertfordshire and is now a French restaurant called, Auberge du Lac.

auberge harry field

The front of the pub/restaurant has changed beyond recognition but the Harry Field episode was filmed in 1990, some 26 years ago. Below are maps to help you find it.



A huge thank you to Gregg for contacting me with this info and well done on finding it. Feels good to pin down another pub location from the original Morse series. Three cheers for Gregg.


Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. Missed the original episode but watching this clip, I recognize the actress (?) as a main character in the series Jewel in the Crown. Interesting site and look forward to future postings.

  2. A great find. It was originally the old hunting lodge of Brocket Hall, which was Eirl’s mansion in the episode!

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