Answers to last week’s crossword.


Morse Crossword 2-2

So here are the answers to the above clues.



5Exeter. Way out is an exit but in cryptic crosswords when phrases like ‘I hear’ are used then one can assume the clue word sounds like the clue. Exet sounds like exit. ‘er’ is when one hesitates and as the clue states ‘hesitate after’.

7 – Vince. French wine is ‘vin’. The initials of Church of England is ‘CE’.

9 Moose. Alces alces is the scientific binomial name for the Moose. (I knew my science degree would come in useful eventually).

11Lonsdale. Lonsdale is the name of famous boxing belt fought over by pugilists.

12Cyril. Cyril was Endeavour’s dad’s name. Cyril is an anagram of ‘lyric’.

13Rocket. Need I say more? Rocket is a type of lettuce. I said more. 😉

14Marks – The name of the actress Shvrone Marks who plays Monica. Marks being a synonym for ‘stains’

16Corned Beef. Sorry about the typographical error, (I will need to sack my secretary), ‘curse’ should have read ‘cured’. Corned Beef is Fred Thursday’s sandwich filler on a friday.

19Gielgud. Another typo i’m afraid. (Ok that’s a written warning for my secretary now). Gielgud appeared in the Morse episode, ‘Twilight of the Gods’.

20Thirty Three. 33 is of course the atomic number of arsenic on the periodic table and also the number of episodes in the Morse and Lewis series. (Don’t count the 2 part episodes of Lewis as two).

21Magnum Opus. A phrase of course used to define an authors definitive book in his or her life. Also an episode in the Lewis series.

24Radcliffe – Relates to Radcliffe Camera in Oxford. ‘Snaps radical’ means to break the word into its abbreviation, ‘rad’. A precipice is a ‘cliff’ and the ‘head’ of Exeter is an ‘E’.

27Replevin. A word used famously in the Morse episode, ‘Ghost in the Machine’. An anagram of ‘pin lever’.

28Slumber. A shanty town is a slum and Rupert is a bear (‘ber’ the clue phrase ‘by the sound of it gets you to this).


1Pagan. Wiccan being the practice of paganism etc.

2Richards. The surname of all three people mentioned who were characters in Morse episode ‘The Dead of Jericho’.

3Jewel. This relates to the Colin DExter novel, ‘The Jewel that was Ours’.

4Griffon. Danny and Daniel Griffon characters in the pilot episode of Lewis.

6Innocent. Refering to Jean Innocent, Lewis and Hathaway’s boss.

8Mercy. ‘Quality of Mercy’ is a Lewis episdoe. Mercy sounds like the French for thank you, ‘Merci’.

10Matthew Arnold – ‘dreaming spires’ phrase used in Arnold’s poem, “Thyrsis”.

15Riddle. Relates to Colin Dexter novel, ‘Riddle of the Third Mile’. Puzzle being a synonym of Riddle.

17Diogenes. It is an anagram of ‘do seeing’. Diogenes Small is a  fictional character created by  Colin Dexter.

18Ogleby. Philip Ogleby was a character from the Morse episode, ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’. Look = Ogle and past = by.

21Mysteries. An anagram of ‘yet misers’ Secret society are the Masons. This clue is referring to the Morse episode, ‘Masonic Mysteries’.

22Porters. This wasn’t a great clue. This was from a quote by Vince Cranston on learning that they have a new bowler in the shape of Lewis who is posing as a college porter in the Morse episode, ‘Deceived by Flight’.

23De Vries. An anagram of ‘revised’. De Vries was the character who taunted Morse in the episode, ‘Masonic Mysteries’.

25Adele. Adele Cecil was Morse’s love from Death is now my Neighbour’ and ‘ The Wench is Dead’. The name Adele can be found inside (internally) ‘sad elephant’.

26Coda. Rather self explanatory this one.

Sorry about the errors. I have given my secretary a few severe looks and a version of Morse’s favourite phrase, Leeeeeeewiiiiissss.


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