Answers To Last Week’s Morse Related Crossword.

First, here are the clues I set.

Morse Crossword2

Now here are the answers with an explanation where necessary.


4. – Bright. (Anton Lesser plays the character Police Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright)

6. – Blues. (There is a Lewis episdoe ‘Counter Culture Blues’. Blues also being a type of music as well as a condition of the mind).

7Woodstock. (This clue alluded to the Morse episode, ‘Last Bus to Woodstock’. I replaced Last Bus with two synonyms, Final and Coach.

10.Expiation. (An anagram of ‘Exit Piano’. The word confusing gives the clue that the preceding words are an anagram. Of course ‘Expiation is the title of a Lewis episode.

12. – Greeks. (This clue alludes to the Morse episode ‘Greeks Bearing Gifts’).

13. – Strange. (A synonym of peculiar and the character played by Sean Rigby).

15. – Home. (‘Home’ is the title of an Endeavour episode and ‘Home is Where the Heart Is, is a common phrase).

17. – Old School Ties. (The answer is the title of a Lewis episdoe. Alma Mater is a Latin phrase referring to one’s school, university etc that one formerly attended).

21. – Cherubim. (A reference to the Morse episode, ‘Cherubim and Seraphim. Cherubim and Seraphim are Biblical winged creatures).

22. – Trove. (An anagram of ‘voter’. The word diverse let’s one know that the word ‘voter’ is an anagram. The word ‘trove’ is normally placed after the word ‘treasure’. Of course, ‘Trove’ is the title of an Endeavour episode).


1 –  Hobson. (Clare Holman plays Laura Hobson. The phrase ‘Hobson’s Choice’ means that a person has no choice).

2Win. (Fred Thursday wife’s name is Win Thursday).

3Moonbeams. (Lewis episdoe is titled, ‘And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea’. This title is a line from the Shelley poem, ‘Love’s Philosophy’).

5.  – Twilight. (Sunset is an alternative word for Twilight. Also ‘Tilight of the Gods’ is the title of a Morse episode.

8. – Daughters. (Another Morse episode, ‘The Daughter’s of Cain’).

9. – Neverland. (An Endeavour episode. An anagram of ‘In Lavender’ but I also put within the clue, ‘without me’. So, remove ‘I’ from ‘In Lavender’ and that leaves the letters for Neverland). Brewed being the word that lets you know it is an anagram.

11. – Design. (A Lewis episode title, ‘Intelligent Design. Deigns is an anagram of design. The clue word haphazrd to let you know there is an anagram).

14. – Fat Chance. (Overweight probability are synonyms for Fat Chance respectively. ‘Fat Chance’ is an episode of Morse).

16. – Thaw. (An anagram of ‘what’. The clue word was mixed to announce an anagram).

18. – Jericho. (Morse episode entitled ‘The Dead of Jericho’. The sound of trumpets bringing down walls is a biblical reference).

19. – Quinn. (Jane Seymour played the character of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. Nicholas refers to the Morse episode, ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’).

20. – Vipers. (Adders are another name for the Viper snake. ‘Generation of Vipers’ is a Lewis episode. Synonomously being the clue word to let you know that one of the words in the clue has a synonym which will be the answer).

So, folks that is that. I am trying to create a proper gridded crossword but that will take a lot more work. I hope some of you had fun.

Oh just a quick thank you for all your support and love here and on Facebook. It is very overwhelming to ‘meet’ so many lovely and beautiful people.




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Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. I am WAY impressed. Morse would be proud. I think the crossword mind is special. I don’t think I have it.

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