The Pubs and their Locations of Inspector Morse, Part One

This post was inspired by an idea from some members of the Facebook page, Endeavour:Inspector Morse:

I decided to split this particular subject matter into three posts due to the fact that it is a bigger undertaking than I first thought. Also, it might be easier for the reader. So, here are the first ten Morse episodes and their accompanying pubs.

I was glad of the help toward inspiration for my new post as I was struggling to come up with anything myself. However, though my other posts can take up to five or six hours to create this particular post went way above those times. It was not just the gathering of available information but then trying to do a bit of detective work myself to attempt to identify those pubs hitherto unknown to Morse fans. But all in all I am glad I undertook this endeavour (sorry) as I believe that having all this info at one location will be a boon for Morse fans, especially those planning to visit Oxford or those looking to do a major pub crawl.

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The following information will be included in each detail about the Morse episodes:

1) Time – This relates to the hour, minute and second that Morse is shown in the pub.

2) Pub – Name of pub and it’s address followed by a picture from the episode.

3) Pub today – This will be a photo of the pub as up-to-date as possible.

4) Location – This will be a map of pub’s location. Click on maps to get a larger view.

5) Info – This will be additional information relating to the pub, location or anything else of relevance.



TIME – 2m 51s and 12m 22s

PUB – The White Horse, 52 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BB.

white horse first visit jericho



dead of jericho white horse


white horse dead of jericho





INFO – Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.


TIME – 35m 1s and 1h 21m 5s

PUB – The Old Bookbinder’s Ale House, 17-18 Victor Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6BT.

jericho bookbinders arms pub jericho bookbinders arms pub 2nd visit




jericho bookbinders arms pub map

INFO – The Old Bookbinders was originally owned by Morrells, Oxford’s only brewery, established in 1743. After economic and environmental problems, as well as a rumoured family dispute, the brewery closed and was forced to sell its 132 pubs. Greene King, an enormous pub retailer and brewer bought 107 of the Morells’ pubs for a whopping £67 million making the Bookies part of a commercial enterprise that owns 1600 pubs across the UK.

Opening hours: Midday to 12am


Time – 29m 39s and possibly 1hr 37m 45s

PUB – The Turf Tavern, 4-5 Bath Place, Oxford OX1 3SU.

silent world first pub. Turf tavern 3rd pub visit, turf tavern silent world


the-turf-tavern silent world

LOCATION – The top picture is how one gets to The Turf Tavern.

the way to turf tavern

silent world turf tavern

INFO – The third pub visit at 1hr 37m 45s could be Turf Tavern but I am not 100% sure.


TIME – 32m 59s

PUB: Horse and Trumpet.

silent world horse and trumpet 2nd visit inside

PUB TODAY – See info below.

LOCATION – see info below

INFO – I believe The Horse and Trumpet is a fictitious pub. I believe the interior shots are a set specifically built for the episode. I had to do a bit of detective work on this as it wasn’t obvious where the ‘pub’ was supposed be. Looking at the scene I noticed the road was made up of cobbles, (picture 2). So, I used Google’s street view to find cobbled streets in Oxford and I believe I found the street that was used for the external shot when Monica drives up and parks her car, (picture one). Picture 3 is how it looks today. I have circled the buildings that I believe match in pictures 2 and 3. The street is Merton Street in Oxford. As far as I am able to tell there has been no pub in the location shown in the Morse episode.

Picture 1

silent world horse and trumpet 2nd visit

Picture 2

silent world outside horse and trumpet merton street

Picture 3

silent world outside horse and trumpet merton street2


TIME – 1h 38m 56s

PUB – The Jericho Tavern, 56 Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6AE.



jericho-tevern today


jericho-tevern today map

INFO – Opening Hours – Midday to 12am


TIME – 36m 48s

PUB – The Green Man but it looks like it is The Turf Tavern in reality, see ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’ above for more info on The Turf tavern.

green man pub service dead

PUB TODAY – See ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’ above.

LOCATION – See ‘The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn’ above.

INFO – It looks like the exterior of The Turf Tavern but I am not 100% sure.


TIME – 1h 1m 55s and 1h 30m 52s

PUB – Thanks to Neil McLean for identifying this pub. It is the The Crown at Bray, High St, Bray, Maidenhead SL6 2AH

2nd pub service unknown 3rd pub service unknown



INFO – Now owned by the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.


TIME – 32m 13s

PUB – Randolph Hotel Bar, Beaumont St, Oxford, OX1 2LN.

wolvercote randolph bar


randolph_exterior2_gallery  the-morse-bar



INFO – The bar of the Randolph Hotel is now famously called The Morse Bar.


TIME – 1hr 13m 25s

PUB – Thanks to Neil McLean for identifying this pub. It is the The Crown at Bray, High St, Bray, Maidenhead SL6 2AH




INFO – Now owned by the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.


TIME – 8m 19s

PUB –  The White Horse, 52 Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BB.

last seen 1st pub unknown

PUB TODAY – See Dead of Jericho above

LOCATION – See Dead of Jericho above

INFO – See Dead of Jericho above


TIME – 31m 51s

PUB – Unknown

PUB TODAY – Unknown

LOCATION – Unknown

INFO – None


TIME – 48m 15s

PUB – Turf Tavern, 4-5 Bath Place, Oxford OX1 3SU.

settling 1st pub turf tavern

PUB TODAY – See The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn above

LOCATION – See The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn above

INFO – The red dircle on the above picture shows the pub’s name.


TIME – 5m 24s

PUB – Fox and Castle, 21 Burfield Road, Old Windsor, Windsor, West Berkshire SL4 2RB.

woodstock 1st pub





INFO – The pub is shown a second time when Morse does his television witness appeal.


TIME – 54m 57s

PUB – Thanks to Neil McLean for identifying this pub. It is the The Crown at Bray, High St, Bray, Maidenhead SL6 2AH




INFO – Now owned by the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.


TIME – 1h 19m 11s

PUB – Unknown but the same pub as above


PUB TODAY – Unknown

LOCATION – Unknown

INFO – None


TIME – 42m 40s

PUB – Rose and Crown.

pubghostinside ghostpuboutside


LOCATION – Harefield Rd, Rickmansworth WD3 1PP

INFO – Thanks to Tine Whiteside for telling of this pub and its location.




TIME – 4m 40s

PUB – The Boat Inn, Canal Road, Thrupp, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 1JY.






INFO – This pub has been wrongly identified by a few websites over the years as The Jolly Boatman and even The Ship Inn.


TIME – 24m 22s

PUB – I originally believed the pub in this scene was the The Archery Tavern, 4 Bathhurst Street, London.



However, Nick Armstrong wrote to me to point out my error as he lives just around the corner. The pub location in this scene when Morse bumps into Deboarah Burns is actually the Cleveland Arms  28 Chilworth St, London W2 6DT.


Nick also pointed me in the direction of Ms Tree and Dr David Kerridge flat in Bayswater in London.

The building is in Cleveland Square, London.

Thank you Nick for the excellent info.


TIME – 35m 46s

PUB – Unknown. But, if one assumes that the beer mat, (see pic below) Carol Sharp has on her desk is factually correct, then there were/are two pubs in the Oxford area that are owned by Tackleys. The first is The Gardiner Arms in the village of Tackley. But looking at their beer garden (See third down) I don’t think it is the location for the pub in this episode. The second Tackley pub is Sturdy’s Castle on the Banbury Road, Tackley, (see fourth pic ).( ). It has a beer garden, (see both bottom pics) and it does look big enough to be the one used in this episode. Unfortunately, I can’t find a better picture of the Sturdys’ castle beer garden. I will go out on a limb and state that this is the pub used in the episode.

lastenemypubwithcarolsharp tackleypub last enemy

gardeners_arms-tackley-kidlington-full-size sturdys-castle-tackley

sturdysLastEnemy sturdys-castle

PUB TODAY – Unknown but see info above

LOCATION – If we take my recommendation as the pub being the Strudy castle then the location is:

tackleypub last enemymap


TIME – 1h 38m 34m

PUB – See above info about Sturdy Castle


PUB TODAY – See Above

LOCATION – See Above.

INFO – See above.


TIME – No Pubs in this episode.

PUB – See above.

PUB TODAY – See above

LOCATION – See above

INFO – One of the few episodes of Morse where he doesn’t enter a pub.

So, that is the first ten episodes. The next post will include episodes ten, ‘The Secret of Bay 5b’ to ‘Promised land. I hope you all enjoyed the post.

(Google owns the copyright of all maps used above.)

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  1. This is excellent. If I ever get lucky and have the chance to visit England, one of my dream excursions would be to visit some of Morse’s pubs. Your guide will come in handy. 🙂

    1. Hi. I’m very flattered and happy that you found my blog post not only of interest but also helpful. A very big thank you for the mentionof my blog on your website. It looked like you all had a great time on your Morse pub crawl.

  2. As a huge Morse fan, last September spent three days in Oxford (not long enough) and had cocktails at The Morse Bar at the Randolph Hotel. We sat to the left of the fireplace shown in your photo! Would love to return and will keep checking for more from you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rosalind. Like you I never get the chance to spend enough time in Oxford. As yet I have not had cocktails at the Morse Bar. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

  3. Great website! We have been to Oxford a few weeks ago and saw some of the pubs. Very easy to find thanks to you! Had a drink at the Turf Tavern and sat on Morse’s place. Very small pub but lovely. It was great!

  4. Hi Chris I’m visiting Oxford again in April with my daughter. It’s such a fabulous place but your guide has just made it more exciting. Thank you for all your detective work in creating this sight.
    Julie from Birmingham

  5. Hi I would like to just thank you for the enormous time and effort this has taken. I have visited Oxford a few times and usually stay at the Randolph. I love finding the pubs and you are my dream come true!!

  6. Thanks for your research and effort you put in. I hope to use your “guide” next week when i will visit Oxford to do the Morse tour and visit a couple of the pubs.



  7. Hi Chris,
    What a fantastic site! Thankyou. Big fan of Morse, Lewis and Endeavour here.
    I believe the pub in ‘Ghost in the machine’ is the Rose and Crown in Rickmansworth. I spent many evenings there as a teenager, when I lived down the road in Harefield, back in the 80’s. Looking on Trip Advisor,;geo=1096773&detail=2224415&ff=131995908&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&baseMediaId=131995908&thumbnailMinWidth=50&cnt=30&offset=-1&filter=7&autoplay=

    it looks like they have built a big conservatory on the back, since then and Morse days, but I remember thinking it was that pub when I have re-watched Morse over the years.

    I hope you continue to enjoy the Morse universe,

  8. Congratulations on both the quality & quantity of your research. It has certainly filed some gaps in my knowledge of Morse pubs – particularly the ones not in Oxford. I would like your view on one point. In the “Dead of Jericho” when Morse is seated & having a drink with Anne, I believe that the pub that they are in is the Wheatsheaf.
    This is because for a moment you can see a plain brick wall that fills the view from the window. This does not match any view from the White Horse, but it precisely matches the view into Wheatsheaf Passage.

  9. I suddenly remembered a conversation with the then landlord of the Bookbinders in Jericho. This was about 10 years ago. He told me that the interior footage was shot in a pub in Hinxey. Have you ever heard this?

  10. Could ‘Last seen wearing’ 31m 51s be the Duke of Kent, Scotch Common, London W13 8DL as seen in ‘Driven to Distrraction’ ? The wood paneling and brass uprights on the bar look very similar.

    1. Hi Tim. Firstly, thank you for commenting. Secondly, I will have a look at your suggestion.

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