Radio Programmes.

  1. This is one of two radio dramatizations of an Inspector Morse episode that I uploaded onto Youtube, ‘Radio Dramatization of ‘Last Seen Wearing’.
  2. The second of two radio dramatizations, ‘BBC Radio Drama of Last Bus To Woodstock’
  3. BBC Radio Dramatization of The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn.
  4. Last Seen Wearing Radio Dramatization.
  5. A BBC 3 radio drama (5th February 2017 starring Roger Allam: The Government Inspector.
  6. John Thaw on Desert Island Discs, 1990.
  7. Roger Allam on the BBC Radio 3 Radio show, ‘Private Passions’. 1st May 2016.
  8. Colin Dexter on the BBC Radio 4 Show, ‘Desert Island Discs’. 6 Feb 1998.
  9. Kevin Whately on Desert Island Discs & Front Row BBC Radio 4.
  10. Dakota Blue Richards (Shirley Trewlove) on BBC Radio Oxford & BBC Radio 2.
  11. New BBC Radio Morse Drama: House of Ghosts: A Case for Inspector Morse.
  12. Laurence Fox, Kevin Whately etc talk on BBC Radio Shows about Colin Dexter.
  13. Colin Dexter on BBC Radio 4 show Bookclub, 9th Aug 2007.
  14. BBC Radio 4 Obituary Programme ‘The Last Word’: Colin Dexter (24th March 2017)
  15. BBC Radio 4 Drama. House of Ghosts: A Case for Inspector Morse (25th March 2017)
  16. Listen to Mark Strong reading from The Remorseful Day.
  17. Laurence Fox on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Saturday Live’, 20 Feb 2016.
  18. Kevin Whately on the Aled Jones Show on BBC Wales: 2014.
  19. Stephen Churchett talks about writing The Remorseful Day.
  20. Colin Dexter Short Story, ‘The Burglar‘.
  21. Colin Dexter Short Story: The Double Crossing. (Read by Colin Dexter).
  22. A Colin Dexter Short Story: Monty’s Revolver.