Hello Morsonians, Endeavourists and Lewisians.

My apologies for not posting anything lately but unfortunately not only am I in the process of packing for my move to Edinburgh on Saturday but I have been ill for the past week and today is the first day I have felt capable of doing anything. So, I now have three days to get everything organized for the move.

Unfortunately, when I do move into my new flat I will be without the internet for four days. All things being equal I should be connected next Wednesday the 24th November.

See you all on the other side. 😉

Take care


Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Glad you are finally on the mend after being Ill and at the worse time! Good luck with your move and hope you a will be happy there.

  2. Safe travels Christopher–Best of Success and comfort in your new dwelling-!! And a speedy return to excellent health

  3. Thank you for the update Chris. So sorry you have been ill at such an inopportune time. Good news that you are feeling better. Soon the move will be behind you’ll feel at home again. Sending best wishes to you.

  4. Hi Chris, Good luck with your move and I wish you health and happiness in your new home! Make sure you rest up after your move as I expect you will be tired out after being ill and moving house! The internet will wait!
    Best wishes

  5. Ohhh Chris, take care of yourself, friend. Settled down right , keep your issues fine. We’ll be waiting patiently as Morse would have done. The Best for You. Kind regards from Chile

  6. Sending you positive wishes for an easy move. Edinburgh is such a beautiful place. It will be wonderful to be living there! Glad you’re feeling ready to cope with things. Good wishes!

  7. May you fully recover despite the stress of the move. I hope you’ll soon be comfortably settled and enjoying all the glories of Edinburgh.

  8. Hello Chris. Thanks for keeping all of us informed and sorry to hear you’ve not been well at such an inopportune time. I hope you are feeling better now, and my very best wishes to you over the next few days, as you complete your move. Please feel under no pressure to resume your excellent twitch sessions, until you have settled down in your new home.

  9. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well Chris. Hope you make a speedy recovery and the move to your new home goes smoothly. All the best Ken

  10. Thank you for the update, Chris, and for the wonderful dedication to providing us with details about our favourite programmes. I made a donation of 20 pounds to you in appreciation.

  11. Hope that you are doing better, Chris, but remember your health comes first- some things are worth waiting for and your Twitch sessions are among them. Sending good wishes.

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