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Hello everyone and welcome to a new post. I know that many of my subscribers and readers are not part of my FB and Twitter page so here are items that I have posted on those two social media sites that you probably missed.

First up is an interview with Sara Vickers (Joan Thursday in the Endeavour series). As always with these kind of articles the headline is misleading. Sara doesn’t say that there will definitely be a series 9. I’m going with my first instinct after series 8 that there will a one off two hour special to wrap it all up. That way there will be exactly 100 episodes regarding all three Morse universe series.

By Ox In A Box -13th October 2021.

When DCI Fred Thursday‘s daughter Joan first set eyes on Morse in TV series Endeavour, history was made. Because when writer Russell Lewis saw the chemistry between them he knew he was onto something. And so Joan and Morse’s enduring ‘will they won’t they’ love story, which threads through each of the eight series, began, even though originally Joan was only intended to star in the first few episodes.


“It’s been so amazing to play such a pivotal role,” Sara Vickers, who plays Joan, tells me from her home in Edinburgh, “because their love story is at the heart of the piece, which Shaun (Evans who plays the young Morse) and I created and Russell decided to run with,” she says in her thick Scottish accent, unrecognisable from Joan’s clipped Oxford vowels.

And so Shaun Evans and Sara Vickers have kept us all waiting, their chemistry palpable, except that, for reasons we cannot fathom, they’ve never managed to clinch the deal, and time is running out, especially as Morse’s fellow policeman DCS Jim Strange (played by Sean Rigby) has arrived on the scene.


So what’s going on? “It always feels like it’s just within reach doesn’t it,” she laughs, “but that’s largely the skill of the script that they have managed to keep that going for so long.” “I am so desperate for it to happen for our characters, but in the last series Joan and Morse only seemed to get more distant from each other so I don’t know. I can’t help but feel it’s a passing of ways. Russell always likes to keep things open-ended but we are fast approaching the end, so things will have to come to a conclusion soon, whatever that will be.” How does she feel about that? “It’s always fascinated Shaun and I. We have spoken about it a lot – about whether we all ever get together. I mean Joan and Morse haven’t even kissed or held hands. There has been minimum physical contact but all those little moments add up. I like to think Joan keeps people on their toes,” Sara adds.

“But the more I think about it, I think that maybe the reason they haven’t got together is because Morse is not able to commit. Look who he does commit too – it’s always intense and ends badly. He wants the drama and is that fair on Joan, to project this perfect romance on her? We joke about whether Morse and Joan could ever go grocery shopping together and we think not. He doesn’t want the mundane. And I think that’s why he stays a bachelor.

“So Shaun and I have this ongoing debate about who’s fault that is when we read the script. I always think its Morse’s and he thinks it’s Joan’s.”


Except that now DCS Jim Strange is sniffing around and taking Joan out. “Yes but why not?” Sara asks. “He’s kind, he looks after her, and thinks about her. He lays his cards on the table. He is there when she needs him, everything that Morse isn’t.

“She knows where she stands and Jim has no agenda. It’s about dependability – he will always be there, he pays her attention and that can be quite nice. He makes her laugh and yes there is a wee bit of a spark there, so who knows what will happen next and whether Morse and Joan will get their moment?

“Part of me would like Joan to cast her net wider though – away from her father’s work colleagues,” she laughs. There was one whole series that Joan didn’t appear “for family reasons”, because she was having her son in real life, but now she just juggles filming and childcare with her acting husband.


Does Endeavour’s fame ever get in the way then? “No not really,” she laughs. “Actually I sat next to a massive Endeavour fan at a dinner party recently who refused to believe I was Joan because of my accent,” she squeals. “And yet when I was in a car park in Atlanta, a woman rushed up to me and said “you’re Joan”. Of course there is more to Sara’s career than Endeavour. She is playing a lead role in new BBC series Guilt which starts on Thursday night, starred in Watchman, Netflix’s The Crown and Shetland, amongst many others. But she’s already looking forward to Series 9, especially as she didn’t know if it would come about. “We were told Series 8 would be the last. Now we know there is another one, but after that who knows? We don’t know when filming will start though.”

“So when it does end I will be so sad because I love the cast and the crew. We have the best time together and get on like a house on fire. So this new series is like a gift even though when it finishes I will be bereft. I’ve been in Endeavour pretty much since I left drama school so it will be like saying goodbye to my family.

“But there are no complaints from me. It’s all been wonderful.”


Great news. New series of Shetland starring Douglas Henshall who appeared, in the Lewis episode, The Mind has Mountains, starts on BBC1 20th October.

Trailer gives first look at new Shetland TV series

A NEW trailer has been released offering people a taste of the upcoming series six of the Shetland TV series. Publicity material says the series “centres on the doorstep murder of a prominent local figure, a case which strikes at the heart of the Shetland Isles and its people”. The first episode will be shown on BBC One on 20 October.


This was on a Twitter account about all things Sweeney (@74_Sweeney) related. It is Abigail Thaw’s birthday today and they put this picture of a young Abigail on Twitter. Great picture don’t you think.


Endeavour’s Shaun Evans speaks out on being a ‘control freak’ over ITV drama. Article from the British newspaper The Daily Express. By REBECCA JONES
15:24, Mon, Sep 27, 2021 | UPDATED: 15:24, Mon, Sep 27, 2021.

ENDEAVOUR star Shaun Evans has candidly spoken out about becoming a “control freak” due to directing and serving as the executive producer of the ITV drama.

Actor Shaun Evans is renowned for playing a young Endeavour Morse in the drama series Endeavour. He has also directed a number of episodes for the upcoming series and served as the executive producer of the ITV programme, leaving him wondering if he has turned into a bit of a “control freak”.

Shaun appeared as a guest on BBC Radio Two to talk to host Steve Wright about his blossoming TV career. After being asked about his work behind the camera for the upcoming Endeavour series, Shaun candidly quipped: “Oh god, I know, I’m a control freak aren’t I?” However, working as an actor, director and executive producer seems to have been a positive experience overall. Shaun explained: “That is one of the great things about that job, being part of the team in pre-production and before you start filming, to be discussing the script and where you’re going to take the story, when you’ve finished filming as well to help shape it, it’s been a real blessing. I feel very proud.”

The star also detailed his Endeavour character’s journey throughout the show’s entire run. He explained: “It’s funny because we know where we’re going to leave it and where it gets picked up, but it’s how you get there that has been one of the revelations about it. “There are certain characteristics about him which we know from both the books and the original series that have to be there but it’s about how you show those. “It’s been a known but also an unknown as well. If that makes any kind of sense.”

As well as working on the latest series of Endeavour, Shaun has been busy throwing himself into another major project, Vigil, which is now available on BBC One. The intense drama, which stars actress Suranne Jones and Line Of Duty’s Martin Compston, sees Shaun play Elliot Glover who is the coxswain on HMS Vigil. “At the beginning of the series someone aboard the ship – and I won’t say who – needs disciplining,” Shaun told the BBC. “Which is a job for Elliot Glover, and then a couple of hours later that person is found dead.

“As a result, a detective is flown aboard the submarine to investigate. “The subsequent investigation by her unearths a whole world of simmering tension and hidden agendas.” While opening up about the plot of the new show, Shaun confessed he couldn’t imagine anything worse than working on a submarine for weeks at a time. Speaking about life on a submarine, the actor remarked: “I could not think of anything worse!

Freedom is the best thing, right? The freedom to go and take a walk, get a cup of coffee, get away from people. “The idea of not being able to do that or to even step outside to get a breath of fresh air? It is my idea of hell,” he added. The star did say he conducted a lot of research to give him a better understanding of the mentality of people who work on submarines.


James, one of my website subscribers, related this story he came across in the Daily Mail TV listings Magazine. Frances Barber, who of course played the beautiful opera diva Nicole Burgess in the Morse episode Death of the Self, reveals her memories of this classic Morse episode.
“John Thaw was a delight to work with in this episode of Morse, in which I played an opera singer with whom Morse falls in love. We filmed in Verona, which really pleased John because he was a very private, shy man who didn’t like being recognised. When filming in Oxford there would be hordes of people around watching, but in Italy he could walk around on his own, browsing the shops. But there was a funny moment in a square in Verona when a coach arrived with Oxford Tours written on the side – John promptly dived into a hotel!!”

May be an image of 2 people and people standing



Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

10 thoughts

  1. Chris, Really appreciate your re-posting these things on your website for those of us to enjoy who don’t want to have Facebook or Twitter. Although I tend to agree with you that the end will come from a special, it did sound like Sara was implying that there would be a S9. I was very excited to read that Shetland is back but I know it will be quite awhile before Britbox will have it for us in the US. And I am also hoping Britbox will carry Vigil at some point in the future as well.

  2. Sara is very cagey about a S9, but I think the consensus (amongst fans of the series) is that ITV will commission a one-off Endeavour movie to wrap up all the (very) loose ends. I agree with Kathleen that Shetland is quite good. My wife and I love it. Sara Vickers figures prominently in Shetland series 3, and is terrific.

      1. Thank you Chris for posting that. I agree with you, Kathleen and Sheldon that she is only implying there will be more (the fan girls on twitter are inferring she has done something wrong but generally some of them are very nasty about her which is odd). Just as Roger said he wasn’t expecting it to be the ‘last’ in his TV interview recently.

        Interesting that she says that they were expecting S8 to be the last series – I have a feeling that whenever that decision was made that is why there are so many loose ends and very odd writing!!

        I haven’t bothered ordering the DVD but someone posted the covers and apart from some dreadful typos (obviously no-one used an editor before they went to print) one of the extras is titled Joan/Endeavour/Strange – so I am very much hoping they are not going to go with a triangle with them in the next series – one-off. Perhaps you can let us know what it is about when you get your copy.

        I listened to the Q&A for Guilt because another of my favourite actors, Mark Bonnar, was with Sara for the session. Again, I love hearing her Scottish accent – whenever she did the extras in the DVD’s it was a joy to hear her. She is very talented and looking forward to seeing her in Guilt.

        I loved Sara in Shetland (in fact I think that I saw Sway when I was in the UK and then stumbled across Shetland and that drew me to Endeavour).

        Thanks again.

      2. Until I read the article and your post Chris I had no idea Sara was Scottish. And it’s a given that to my American ear I would not be able to discern any fault with her English accent in Endeavour but she sounded perfectly English to me. What do you Scots think of how well she managed the accent?

  3. The more I read & learn the more I love the whole Universe. I have been a devoted fan since the first episode seen way back in my life in Zimbabwe. Such pleasure to have Morse Lewis or Endeavour with me every week. As an elderly lonely widow they are my main company !!

    1. Hello Wendy and welcome to my website. I hope you find plenty of things to enjoy on my website.

  4. Chris – I see via your FB page you received your S8 DVD – were the extras worth it ? Any insights? First time I have not purchased the DVD’s (I got burned S7 – I ordered the DVD as per usual before seeing the series)

    1. Hi Maria. The extras are fine as extras go. Unfortunately, I am a completist so I had to buy it.

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