Trailer for New Endeavour Series: February 2020. Re-Recorded so it can watched by those outside the UK.

Here it is the first trailer for the seventh series of Endeavour. I have re-recorded it so everyone including those in the USA can watch it.

Good trailer don’t you think? The question I came away asking was, why is Win crying? Has Sam or Joan been killed? On rewatching the trailer I don’t think it’s Win.

Rock music in trailer is Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. Enjoy.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

17 thoughts

  1. Thanks for this! I’m not sure that was Win crying in that scene? Of course it was just a very quick glimpse. I can’t wait to be able to get the Season 7 DVD’s.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for uploading this. I think the woman seen crying is the same actress who played the hair salon owner in the ‘Colours’ episode. She is also Roger Allam’s wife.
    Bebe Larson

    1. Not sure they would bring her back so soon as another character- unless she reprises the same character as in Colours. I must admit I thought this was Win in that scene but many are adamant not (but I think we are meant to so a bit of a tease there)

  3. Thanks for posting the trailer, Chris. Really pleased you’re keeping up with the blog even while being so busy with the Lewis book. I have been working my way through your posts on the earlier series of Endeavour, which I’m watching for the first time after seeing series 5 and 6 as well as the posts for Morse, which I’m also seeing for the first time and somehow never watched despite having read a couple of C Dexter’s books.

    About the trailer: it gives a relatively significant amount of screen time to a dark haired woman unfamiliar to me, who appears to be backstage or in the audience at an opera perfomance. Endeavour seems to recognise her or have some link to her. Yet, no sign of Joanie in the trailer unless I missed it.

    She can’t be Susan/Wendy as we know she was blonde.

    I’m not hugely invested in/attached to the drawn-out Joanie-Endeavour story but I’d rather get more of that than a new love interest at the 11th hour. To me that seems even more distracting from the main plotlines and character development.

    Wondering whether Russell Lewis would really throw in a third major love interest for the audience to become invested in for what might be the last or second to last series of the show…

    Also noted Endeavour sitting on the stairs in pure black from head to toe. Mourning, perhaps?

    1. Agree – I think throwing someone in there at this late stage (if we are all assuming that series 8 will be the last) won’t really work – especially if they want the audience to invest. However, I think she will definitely be the love interest as Shaun’s voiceover (is that the first time he has done the trailer voiceover?) says that “this is a story of love”

      I just hope they give closure on the Joan thing – will be very odd otherwise. However I read somewhere that Sara Vickers had a baby in September (right in the middle of filming) so good chance she was not available for any of the series which may have prompted some re-work.

      1. By the way the dark haired actress is Stephanie Leonidas – I suspect she will be in all 3 eps

      2. Thanks for the information, Maria. I think I’ve seen Stephanie Leonidas in other projects but couldn’t place her as a returning character from the small section of the M-L-E universe with which I’m familiar. Maybe (hopefully) her character has a link to the Morse or Lewis shows. Wouldn’t that make a nice change given the comparatively large volume of brand new characters introduced each week for the mystery plots on Endeavour?

        I’m not one who needs or, depending on the show, wants a love plot in otherwise engaging serials or films–and *Endeavour* certainly qualifies as ‘otherwise engaging.’

        But I’ll give Russell Lewis a chance to impress me with the new series. I don’t want to prematurely take issue with him/his team for presenting us with still another “great lost love of Endeavour Morse.”

  4. Mahalo, Chris! There were snippets during Vera today but this was the long version. Let’s see if Ozzy translates across the pond – he just might as they’ve already used that piece (War Pigs) in Peaky Blinders, if I’m not mistaken. Looks very (very!) stylish and yes, Roger Allam is embracing the silver – they’re not even bothering with the chestnut do; both coloring suits his character. Goodness but Shaun Evans gets better with age, physically and talent-wise. He’s really into his skin properly as an actor and can’t wait for season 7 and his other series.

  5. I’m a bit worried about this – there is a tendency to make long-running series more and more violent, which can alienate the original viewers. Still, I’ll give it a try.

    1. I do hope it’s a good series. At least it looks like Sara Vickers as Joan is not in series 7 so that means no will they or won’t they nonsense.

  6. Chris – I am disappointed already – a quote in an interview with Evans re this series “isn’t just a crime of the week” to me that is exactly what a crime series is (unless an over arching crime like Broadchurch or Shetland)

    I, probably more than others in these forums, like the personal but this is sounding more like a soap/drama and less like a detective series. I have said it before- I think Evans got bored and has too much influence.

    Also I thought we were done after series 6 with the Thursday/Morse animosity but seems it will be ramping up in this series – such a shame as I think their relationship has been at the heart of what has made this series – we all knew they would have to explain no mention of Thursday in later series but there are many ways to do that

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