I decided to take a break from writing my review of the new episode of Endeavour and put together this little, fun video. Though this did become one of those ideas that seemed simple at the time but took longer than expected. Anyway, enjoy. No spoilers in the video.


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Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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    Well well well what’s going on here then? Having never seen Resovoir Dogs here’s my thoughts on Quartet. I wasn’t sure what l was expecting last night or indeed watched so here goes.

    Some things never change but for me its quietly reassuring when a more stylistically menacing version of the redoubtable Miss Hilda Pearce ( Foyles War ) turns up in endeavourland offing badies with a silenced Browning borrowed from what looks like an earlier episode.

    When l last saw her she was wielding a grenade at close quarters in 1947ish whilst recovering from post operative surgery caused by a nice grouping of bullet wounds courtesy of Elises’ brother. Series 8 episode 3.

    As this is neverendeavourland l’ll happily give it 4 or 5 Lancia ‘s out of ten; with a note stating Dear Mrs Lewis, Russell can do much better than this when he puts his mind to it. A bit like most of my school reports!

    On the plus side it was lovely to see Morse given the opportunity of turning down what l suspect was more than a coffee and opting to do a runner instead. Silly boy! ( and that’s the polite version! ) Still one more episode left to correct another poorly thought out decision kiddo. Next oh yes the ever reliable Abigail Thaw, once again looming in on cue and providing timely information to a younger version of her dad and relationship advice to boot, before possibly popping off to check her twitter account or do a little remoaning with the metropolitan chattering classes!

    l’m sorry but….honestly! Russian Baltic whalers really. Geese flying south.. Newsagents? Too clever by half. This is Morse not Callan or Jason Bourne or anything written by Len Deighton. Even Fred said as much! George Gently was far more believable throughout, than this silliness. At least the most recent version of Miss Pearce got her 1960’s equivalent of
    The Eternity Ring. Crikey we can all sleep safely in our beds now with a women like this on our 1960’s streets! One hopes she’s on hand in next weeks season finale, to regulate the stereotypical caricature of Cromwell Ames ( think Nelson from Life on Mars also replete with Jamaican patois ) and or Eddie Nero ( Vinnie Jones on an off day when he wishes he was in the country shooting something edible for tea! ) Until then:- Mind how you go.

    1. I had a similar thought. It felt like a Roger Moore Bond with mad scientists, scetchy factories, and silly allies in a Range Rover.

    2. Agreed. I thought it was a huge mistake to put Ellie Haddington in the role which had me thinking it might be a Bobby in the shower moment and the next scene would have Morse popping down to Hastings for tea and biscuits and a spot of fly fishing with CS Foyle (retired). All we then needed was the boy who got shot to turn out to be a young Cormoran Strike and the circle would have been complete.
      As for Cromwell Ames he was obviously the younger brother of King Willie in Predator 2. Some of his dialogue seemed remarkably similar: “Hell follow me” etc etc. The mind boggles what’s going to happen in the finale. Morse vs Predator?

  2. My main problem with Endeavour is that I used to live in Oxford and there are too many things that don’t ring true. Endeavour and co are based at Cowley Police Station so they wouldn’t be dealing with crimes in city centre, St Aldates would. In Quartet the newsagent purported to be near Cowley Police Station so in that case why would a college porter be picking up copies of The Oxford Mail when the colleges are in city centre about four miles away.

  3. I thought that l’d also enter into the spirit of a little light relief by posting this which for me espouses the frustrations of watching season 5 particularly! No offence is given or intended to anything or anyone! ( Honest )

    Will they won’t they! Star crossed lovers. Part Deux!

    A shortish play of literary references and shoehorning as a result of a Fantastic Voyage inside the head of the lad himself:-

    Your own your very own Mr Russell Lewis.

    From the Secret Diary of Mr Russell Lewis aged 54 and a half.

    Somewhere in Never(endeavour)land. Outside the House of Verona

    Morse: Hello Miss Thursday

    Joan: ( Effecting Parliamo Glasgow accent ) Hello and its Joan Morse ( heavy sighs from female audience )

    Morse: Oh, ok go on if you say so Miss Thursday, but l think you missed a comma out there?

    Joan: ( screams and clenches both fists ) Now look here matey!

    Morse: ( looking too ) are you all right Miss Thursday?

    Joan: ( by now blubbing uncontrollably ) Conasse! je m’appelle Joan!

    Morse: ( sans émotion ) oui je sais Mademoiselle Jeudi, c’est Caplan je vous écoute?

    Joan: ( Pah! ) For the love of Mike

    Morse: l always preferred Joy in the Morning

    Joan: for f**** sake Morse, shut the f***
    up and kiss me!

    Morse: ( borrowing a phrase from another Geordie colleague this time from Granchester ) “Oh! christ on a bike” Miss Thursday!

    Joan: Oh give me strength kiss me or l’ll scream and l’ll shout til l’m sick! and you’ll end up alone! Morse. Let’s do this.

    Meanwhile camera pans away revealing a photo montage of endeavourland and the blue remembered hills as a wizened figure of A E Houseman slips by carrying a copy of Enoch Powells rivers of blood speech circa 20 April 1968 ( or thereabouts ). Major James Bigglesworth flys past in his SE 5

    End ( of the affair )

    The Master. Russell Lewis


    Email: wiseman productions@ the play wot l wrote.com

    Telephone: Whitehall 1212

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