Video of Deleted & Edited scenes in the USA Version of Endeavour.


Hello everyone and I hope this post finds you all well. As the title above states, this video includes the deleted and edited scenes that were missing from the USA version of the Endeavour series. The episodes mentioned in the video are all from series/season one, ‘Girl’, ‘Fugue’ and ‘Rocket’.

Although I created the video the hard work was done by a friend of mine, Amanda DeWeese. Amanda tirelessly searched through the US and British versions to find the scenes. As you can imagine it took Amanda quite some time to collate the information. So, if you are looking to award thanks and kudos here on my blog or on the Morse related Facebook pages then they should be aimed at Amanda.

Below is also the work of Amanda where she gives details about the scenes plus some other interesting material. The times of the scenes may be a little off but not by much.

(Please note: BL stands for “Beginning Line.” EL equals “Ending Line.”)

S01E01, “GIRL”

1. DELETED SCENE, 35:17-36:37
BL: “Poor Frank, I don’t think I was a very good wife.”
EL: “Will you?” (with the dad overhearing)
[Note: I, unfortunately, had to go by my memory for this episode on what was deleted. But I know for sure that this was a deleted scene because it reveals so much dysfunction in this family. I hate to think it is incest, but one could make that argument. With many molestation cases, many victims find it difficult to have intimate relationships with their spouses. And Helen expresses this issue to Frank in this deleted scene. I think part of her wanted Frank to marry her just to get her out of the clutches of her father, and the other part of her finds security in her dad, which makes her unable to part from him. I really think she knew of the affair between her husband and her sister. If you recall the scene at the beginning of the episode, Frank goes home at lunch for some physical intimacy with his wife, and Helen feigns a headache. She says, “I do wish she [Pamela] wouldn’t just drop by. Maybe you can talk to her…I said you run her back to town when you’re back from the surgery. Perhaps that would be a good time to raise it.” I think that is a double entendre. And it just makes me sick. Well, anyway, those are my thoughts.

S01E02, “FUGUE”

1. EXTENDED SCENE. Morse questions Fey Madison. The scene starts at 0:14:41 with the line, “Mrs. Madison was your aunt, is that right?” The deleted portion starts at 0:14:55 with the BL, “Aunt Grace returned to England…” and ends with the line, “where she met Aunt Cedric,” at 0:15:10.

2. EXTENDED SCENE. Morse and Thursday discuss Morse’s findings regarding the death of Grace Madison. The scene starts at 0:16:48 with the BL of “Mrs. Madison had a diary…” The deleted portion starts at 0:18:10 with the BL, “What about this builder,” and ends with the line, “…building firm that was doing the work” at 0:18:27.

3. EXTENDED SCENE, Dr. DeBryn discovers it was the datura plant which killed Grace Madison and shares these findings with Thursday and Morse. The scene starts at 20:49 with the BL of “Pending toxicological results…” The deleted portion starts at 21:16 with the BL: “Been used for centuries by the Indians and Chinese…” and ends with the line, “…if one goes in for that sort of thing” at 21:45.

4. DELETED SCENE, 21:45-22:51, Thursday and Morse discuss and comment on the findings of the murders of Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Madison and the disappearance of Mr. Nimmo.
BL: “What do you make to it Mrs. Madison?”
EL: “Remind me never to spend Christmas at your house.”

5. DELETED SCENE, 26:57-27:44, Strange tells Morse he thinks DS Peter Jakes is giving the newspaper confidential police information for his personal gain.
BL: “Seen this?”
EL: “Right.”

6. EDITED SCENE, 36:03
(They edited the scene of Morse and Thursday searching through Nimmo’s house. I’m not sure how to communicate this one, for no lines or big blocks of time are edited, so I cannot give you a second count.)

7. An EXTENDED SCENE that starts at 39:28 with the BL of “Buried alive.” Morse and Thursday show Bright and Dr. Miller the remains of Mr. Nimmo.
The deleted portion starts at 40:02 with the BL: “There’s wickedness in this, Morse…” and ends with the line, “That’s something new.” at 40:18.

8. An EXTENDED SCENE that starts at 55:30 with the BL of “Not too deep.” Dr. DeBryn tends to Morse’s stab wound. The deleted portion starts at 55:57 with the BL: “It’s going to be tight and quite tender for the next few days.” and ends with the line, “…not just yet at least.” at 56:34.

S01E03, “ROCKET”

1. DELETED SCENE, 4:41-4:57
DS Jakes gives DC Morse his orders to make sure the anarchists don’t egg Princess Margaret and her entourage.
BL: Here you are then, Cinders…
EL: Chop, chop!

2. DELETED SCENE, 8:07-8:29
Morse corrects a spelling mistake in one of the anti-monarchy signs.
BL: “City Police…”
EL: …spelling “Levellers” correctly.”
[Note: I think this was edited because according to the American dictionary, “levellers” is spelled correctly on the sign (“levelers”). My auto-correct keeps correcting it as I type it. LOL!

3. DELETED SCENES, 21:11-22:27
(a). We see Lenny Frost gambling at billiards. (b). Morse questions Dr. Volk who states that he has nothing to do with the labor force and came nowhere near the scene of the crime.
BL: “Next, please.”
EL: “you will not need to repeat the question.”

4. DELETED SCENES, 23:16-23:45
Strange thanks Morse for letting him help Morse question the factory employees and asks Morse for his thoughts. Morse thinks it is strange that a murder would happen when the “place was crawling with police.”
BL: “Listen, I just want to say thanks.”
EL: “Why today?”

5. DELETED SCENES, 24:12-25:15
Mr. Broom sees Morse looking at a missile. He tells Morse that this murder is not just “bad for his business,” it is “bad for Britain,” since his company has been supplying weaponry for hundreds of years. Mr. Broom wants the police to solve this murder as quickly and quietly as possible.
BL: “Magnificent, isn’t it?”
EL: “Dr Volk”

The Broom family are together, and the mother remarks that they haven’t been all together since a certain day (The audience will discover later that the mother is alluding to the day of Elizabeth II’s coronation.) Richards tell his mother to be kind to the memory of his departed brother, Harry, and she, instead, can go after him. Mrs. Broom responds by saying when things get difficult “Richard looks to Richard,” and her son, Richard, doesn’t have the fight in him anymore.
BL: “Well it’s awfully nice to go traveling, as they say.”
EL: “Once, poor darling, but not anymore.”

7. An EXTENDED SCENE that starts at 1:13:07 with the BL of “Division want us to sign off.” Bright tells Thursday that division wants them to sign off on Lenny Frost for the murder of Eustace Kendrick and Eustace Kendrick for the murder of Olive Rix. The deleted portion starts at 1:13:33 with the BL: “I see. You’re happy with that.” and ends with the line, “Nothing can be allowed to interfere with this missile sale.” at 1:13:51.

Enjoy the video.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. Thanks for compling this information & video. Would you explain what the difference is between “deleted” and “extended” scenes in this particular posting please?

  2. I’m going to come back and spend time with this post, and compare it to my DVDs. I thought you might be interested in this which I found on a site talking about New Tricks.

    “If you have only seen New Tricks as broadcast by PBS, you haven’t seen a full episode ever. Because this is a BBC1 program, each episode runs for 58 to 59 minutes (just like PBS programs before they started running the non-commercials between programs).”

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you are able and willing to repost the deleted/extended scenes from the first four seasons? I can view the ones you compiled (THANK YOU!) of season 5 and forward, but not those before. The video linked above seems to go to a deleted YouTube video, YouTube I assume pulled it for copyright reasons, I believe you mentioned that somewhere before.
    Thank you so much for compiling those, until I came to your site, I had no idea we were missing anything and I must say as much as I loved the show, I definitely thought it was kind of choppy and there were jumps made, these fill in a number (but not all, I still don’t really understand what happened to Monica for instance, did she think Morse dropped her when he was really in prison and he never explained?! Odd.). So thank you so much!

    1. Hi Melissa. I will search my computer for the video and once found I will upload it to the Endeavour deleted scenes post.

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