Babou Ceesay as DC Alex Gray. A Good Choice as Hathaway’s Sidekick?


If you haven’t watched the Lewis episode, ‘The Ramblin’ Boy’ Series 7, Episode 3 then stop reading now and don’t watch the video as there are SPOILERS!

There has over the last few months been a lot of chatter on the internet, Facebook and my blog about the hope that Laurence Fox will continue his role as James Hathaway at some point in the future. I too would like to see the character continue but Mr Fox has said that he will not be returning to the character. But, we all could name an actor who has said something similar regarding a character they have played on TV or Film. But, who would be his ‘sidekick’? I believe Angela Griffin as DS Lizzie Maddox was I believe under-rated and I would be happy for her to return. Another thought is that Babou Ceesay as DC Alex Gray in the Lewis episode, ‘The Ramblin’ Boy’ was very good and could make an interesting foil to Hathaway. What do you think? Watch the best bits of DC Gray in the video.

I love the ending to the ‘Ramblin Boy’ episode where we find out that DC Gray as a sixteen year old had met Lewis when DC Gray’s father had died.

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Author: Chris Sullivan

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  1. Oh, I would love them both to be with Hathaway. Maybe more a police group. Just thinking about this makes me happy. I still think Laurence Fox might change his mind in a while.

  2. Because I only discovered LEWIS series last year, I totally missed the circumstances why ‘DC Gray’ character was introduced. I’ve looked for clues without success. In few articles I could locate and read, it seemed as if ‘DC Gray’ were being introduced as a recurring character, which turned out not to be the case.

    Would you shed some light please? Was Mr Fox engaged in other project; was he sick; or something else?

    1. Would it be possible for me (or you) to delete the question above as well as this reply? The unanswered question implies, it seems to me, that it was an inappropriate one to your eyes; and I feel embarrassed.

    2. Hi Jean. Sorry to have not answered your comment but the short answer is that I have been trying to get a comprehensive answer to your question. I believe he was busy on another project and I trying to find out what that project was. I am on holiday and will be back on Saturday so hopefully I will know more soon after that.

  3. Hi! Been wondering since I first saw the episode a year or so ago – does this meeting occur in any of the old Morse episodes? Seems like the “Lewis-show-people” made it so clear that they met that maybe it was featured in an old episode. And boy was I happy to find this page!

    1. Hi Veronika. There is no mention of this character or incident in any Morse episode or any other Lewis episodes. I think the writer just wanted to show what a kind and caring police officer Lewis is. Welcome to my website. I hope you find plenty of things to interest you.

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