The Pubs and their Locations of Inspector Morse. PART 3.

This is the third and final part of my attempt to identify all the pubs that Morse visited during the 33 episode series. This post includes episodes 21 (Dead on Time) to episode 33 (The Remorseful Day).

The following information will be included in each detail about the Morse episodes:

1) Time – This relates to the hour, minute and second that Morse is shown in the pub.

2) Pub – Name of pub and it’s address followed by a picture from the episode.

3) Pub today – This will be a photo of the pub as up-to-date as possible.

4) Location – This will be a map of pub’s location. Click on maps to get a larger view.

5) Info – This will be additional information relating to the pub, location or anything else of relevance.


Clicking on the pub names will take you to their website and will open in a new window.



Episode 1 of series 6. Chronologically episode 21.

At 56 minutes Lewis and Morse visit The Turf Tavern.

The Turf Tavern, 4-5 Bath Place, Oxford OX1 3SU.

the-turf-tavern silent world


Episode 2 of series 6. Chronologically episode 22.



Episode 3 of series 6. Chronologically episode 23



Time – 33m27s

PubThe Greyhound Inn, Stocks Rd, Aldbury, Hertfordshire HP23 5RT


Pub Today

greyhound inn


Greyhound Inn map

Info – This pub was also used as a location (see pic below) for the 1969 film Crossplot starring Roger Moore. (clicking on the film name will take you to Youtube page where you can watch the full film.

Greyhound Inn crossplot



Time – 42m55s

Pub – Unknown but I would hazard a guess at the White Horse, 52 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BB.


Pub Today – If it is the White Horse then below is a pic of its exterior.

white horse dead of jericho


white horse map

Info – This pub has been used not only in the Morse series but also Lewis and Endeavour.


Time – 50m10s

Pub – The Bear Inn, 6 Alfred St, Oxford OX1 4EH.  Morse and Lewis never drank in this pub but was featured when a prisoner of Fernleigh prison is followed by Lewis. Thanks to Stan Trybulski’s blog for this info.



Pub Today



bear inn map

Info –  Said to be one of the oldest pubs in Oxford, with a history that can be traced back to around 1242.


Time – 1h00m37s

Pub – Ye Olde Greene Manne,  Batchworth Heath, Farningham, Hertfordshire WD3 1QB.


Pub Today

ye old greene manne


ye old greene manne map

Info – Rural pub on the edge of a historic forest.


Time – 45m55s

PubThe Black Swan, Old Ln, Ockham, Surrey KT11 1NG.


Pub Today

black swan


black swan map black swan map2

Info – This pub was used in the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London and in the film was called The Slaughtered Lamb.

black swan as_the_Slaughtered_Lamb


Time – 48m23s

Pub – Unknown.




Episode 2 of series 7. Chronologically episode 27.


Episode 3 of series 7. Chronologically episode 28.


Time – 37m40s

PubThe White Hart, Wytham, Oxford OX2 8QA



Pub Today

white hart


white hart map  white hart map2

Info – This 15th century village pub  “The White Hart” stands at the centre of the village, close to the
church and the village shop.


Time – 1h05m15s

PubThe Eagle and Child, 49 St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3LU.


Pub Today

eagle and child


eagle and child map

Info – Famously known for being a watering hole for CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.


Time – 19m 30s

Pub – The Perch Inn, Binsey Lane, Binsey.


Pub Today


perch inn binsey

perch inn binsey2

A big thank you to Richard who wrote to identify this pub.


Time – 37m02s

Pub – Unknown. Possibly the Victoria Armsin Old Marston. (see below for info)


Pub Today – Unknown.


Time – 50m25s

Pub – Victoria Arms, Mill Lane, Old Marston, Oxford,


Pub Today



victoria arms  victoria arms map

Info –  Also used as a location in the Morse episodes, ‘Who Killed Harry Field’and ‘The Remorseful Day’.


Time – 21m59s

Pub – The Crown Inn, High Street, Bray, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 2AH.


Pub Today

crown inn


crown inn map  crown inn map 2

Info – Owned by Heston Blumenthal, (Well known British chef)


Time – 1h37m44s

Pub – Crown Inn at Bray in Berkshire. (Thanks to a blog reader for identifying this pub).


Pub Today


Info – This pub represents a pivotal moment in the Morse series; its here that Morse reveals his Christian name.


Time – 1h08m44s

PubThe Barge Inn, Honey Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5PS.

vlcsnap-2015-07-23-13h46m17s82 vlcsnap-2015-07-23-13h46m25s161

Pub Today

the barge inn


the barge inn map the barge inn map2

Info – The Barge Inn was built in 1810 to coincide with the opening of the Kennet and Avon Canal. Fire broke out on the 14th December, 1858 largely destroying the original building. However, due to its importance, the Barge Inn was rebuilt in just six months, an event commemorated by a plaque at the north gable end.


Time – 1h19m54s

Pub – Randolph Hotel, Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2LN.


Pub Today –




Info – Opposite the Ashmolean Museum in central Oxford. The bar in the hotel is now called The Morse Bar. Also used as a location in the Lewis series.


Time – 23m35s

Pub –  Victoria Arms, Mill Lane, Old Marston, Oxford,



Pub Today –


Location – victoria arms victoria arms map

Info – Also used as a location in the Morse episodes, ‘Who Killed Harry Field’and ‘The Daughters of Cain’.


Time – 1h09m29s

PubThe Queen’s Head, Pound Lane, Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 3SR


Pub Today

queens head


queens head map

queens head map2

Info – The last pub Morse will ever visit.

Well that is all for now regarding the pubs and locations featured in the Morse series. I am still attempting to identify the pubs who’s location I couldn’t determine. I will of course update my blog with any news regarding my endeavours. I hope you not only enjoyed my three posts on the pub theme but more importantly they will be helpful should you wish to follow in Morse’s footsteps.

Author: Chris Sullivan

Up until a few years ago I was my mum's full time carer. She died in, 2020, of Covid. At the moment I am attempting to write a novel.

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  1. The depth of your research is truly impressive. Never fails to amaze me.

    Are you a pub connoisseur yourself?


      1. I love your blog. It contains a great deal of interesting information for all of us British mystery aficionados. I’m planning a tour of Oxford to see all of the Morse, Lewis and Endeavor sites. I was wondering if you’ve ever mapped out a pub crawl within Oxford? I’d appreciate your expertise. Thank you, Linda

      2. I’ll keep watching for that. In the meantime, I’ll try to do it myself with the help of your blogs. I’ll send you the route and you may want to offer some input. Thank you, Linda Lea

  2. This is amazing! Thank you! We have been to many of these and plan to use the rest as a guide the next time we travel to the UK. Quick favor: any chance you can place the location of the pub/restaurant/pedestrian bridge that Inspector Lewis goes to in the Lewis episode, “Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things”? It would be most appreciated if you could identify that location. It looks amazing!! Thanks!


      1. Terrific! Thanks for your response. Can’t believe we didn’t go there yet. We made a special trip to the Victoria Arms on our last trip and it was magical. The Trout Inn (which has definitely been on other episodes now that I hear the name), is now on the top of our list! Please continue your blog and add all the Lewis episodes, too! You’re the best! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. The daughters of Cain pub was the perch inn, binsey lane. I worked at the pub at the time. They closed it for the day.

    1. Hi Richard and thanks for commenting. So, is that the first pub I mention that is shown at 19 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode? Thank you for this, great to fill another gap in the Morse pub location knowledge.

      1. Yep 19:30, my sister and brother in law were the landlords at the time, I’ll send her this page as she may have a photo or two somewhere. If it helps from the front entrance take a left go to the end of the bar. The pub was pretty much burned down a couple of years ago so I am unsure if the internals at that end survived.

  4. Thank you so much for this info Richard. As you may have noticed I have just written and published a post on this issue. I do hope your sister has some photos as that would be fantastic.

  5. I keep thanking you but you really do the best work! I’m just watching Absolute Conviction and came here to see if the pub was mentioned. I love the fence – and wonder if that tarred area beyond it is a parking lot for the pub? Or is it a road that continues on to Lewis’ left (as we look at him)? I can’t imagine that cars drive so near that fence. It would make me nervous sitting where M and L are if so! The joy of this blog is that when I watch an episode I can come here to see if there’s anything you’ve written about it. I just love this blog.

  6. I may have seen the answer to my question above. When Morse and Cheetham are in the car, they go by a place with a white fence and continue on past it. There are umbrella tables so I bet that is the same place. I still think it must be disconcerting to have cars come right up to where you are sitting!

  7. Hi, relating to Bonnie’s comment about Lewis’s Old Unhappy Far Of Things – I don’t think that is The Trout. At 1:26 – (it’s currently on iTV3 player) the bridge is similar but the building is completely different to The Trout. Would love to know where it is though.

    1. Would love to know the name of the pub in Lewis, old unhappy far of things, fairly certain it’s not the trout Inn though.

      1. I’m assuming you don’t mean the pub at 18 minutes which is of course The White Horse. The pub at the end of the episode I’m afraid I don’t recognise.

  8. hi just visited queens head at little marlow – one of the last pub locations we had to visit -90 mile round trip but well worth it – pub still just as it was when morse was filmed – bit disapointed no morse memorabilia on the walls- good guide keep up the good work – martin norris 17/ o9 /2016 —

  9. You might know now the 5th picture
    Is out of absolute conviction and that’s inside the greyhound pub because I’ve been to the pub and recognise the steering wheel on the wall I hope that helps you

  10. Thank you very much for these works of yours. As a newcomer to these adaptations of Mr Dexters wonderful character this has been a welcome aside to actually visit the pubs used in the series. I am about to start on the Endeavour episodes and can hardly wait to begin. Thank you again. Xs.

  11. Not sure if you have found out the information yet but the pub at the end of Death is now my neighbour is the interior of the Crown Inn at Bray in Berkshire. If you look out the door behind the characters when they are coming in the door you can see the distinctive corner of the building opposite. Indeed, with the distinctive old wood dividers in this pub interior, I believe i have seen it in Lewis and Endeavour too. The pub interior at 21 minutes 59 seconds in the episode doesn’t appear to match the Crown and is a different location.

    1. Thank you for the info. This is great news as it identifies the pub which included an important moment in the Morse series; Morse reveals his Christian name.

      1. No problem. Great blog.
        Just noticed five minutes ago on the telly that the Crown at Bray interior also features in The Wench is Dead. The white and black detail on the bar gave it away

  12. The Royal Standard in Forty Green, Beaconsfield features in some episodes. Wooden barrel seating and a stained glass partition featuring a man with clay pipe and wig.

  13. Hi Chris, I am currently watching Deadly Slumber and it is the King’s Arms at the beginning. Forgive me if I have missed some rule about how the pubs are mentioned. I notice this wasn’t included but perhaps you only give them one mention throughout?



    1. Thank you Patrick. I mentioned the King’s Arms in my review of the episode. I need to do a follow up post about all the pubs used in the Morse series.

  14. Thank you for all this. It brings back lovely memories of a wonderful series. Dare I say that they don’t make them like that anymore

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